Sunday, February 7, 2016

Comics Rant: Swamp Thing #1

Swamp Thing #1
Written by Len Wein
Drawn by Kelley Jones
Colored by Michelle Madsen

Swamp Thing is back. And better than ever. Well, maybe not so much if you ask Alan Moore. And you can't. Cause' homeboy will act like he doesn't know you then ask to take his name off all the work he's done for you. It's true. Just ask Marvel Comics. They know what's up. So DC is publishing a new comic that isn't Batman. Go figure. But hey, it's by Swamp Thing creator Len Wein and horror artist Kelley Jones, who's one of the best horror comic artists since Richard Corben.

Kelley Jones gives Swamp Thing just the right amount of fright and black shading. Dude it's
freaking awesome. Go check out his run on Batman from the 90's.  It's a departure from former artist Jim Aparo, but it's a good change and really reflected the moody atmosphere of Batman, and Jones does it again here. He's a master. So this story starts with Swamp Thing beating up on, of all things, an alligator. For real. Then some dumb-ass honkeys come sauntering into the swamp and almost die. Because you know, shit like that tends to go down when you walk around a fucking swamp in the dead of night!

The couple who were walking in the swamp are looking for Swamp Thing. Their son went to some new age college in Louisiana and got himself killed trying some experiments with his crazy ass teacher. Seems the teacher thought he could kill a student and use his electrode device to bring him back to life. Let that be a lesson to all you parents out there as a cautionary tale when your kid wants to go to some Liberal Arts school. This could be you. You know minus the Swamp Creature and such.

But because the story is written that way, the parents want to find their son who's hanging about the campus killing people. This is also strange because when he died the first time he was kept alive by a life support system. His folks took him off and then he just up and bolted from the hospital he was held at. No doubt, leaving his parents to be stuck with the fucking bill. Jerk.

Naturally, Swamp Thing runs into the kid who's now a, wait for it, zombie. Shit, and here I thought that Robert Kirkman held the sole rights to write comic books with zombies. But thankfully, this won't go on for 1 billion fucking issues. Our hero Swampy gets torn to pieces. Instead of you know, having his brain eaten. Guess, the Walking Dead and all those George A. Romero zombie flicks lied to me. Huh. So we'll comic back next month and see where we go on this awesome zombie vs plant tale. See you then.

-Tash Moore

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