Thursday, March 17, 2016

Comics Rant: Amazing Spider-Man #8

Amazing Spider-Man #8
Written by Dan Slott
Drawn by Matteo Buffagni
Colored by Marte Gracia

Another Spider-Man epic that's been boiling over for two whole issues. Only two issues instead of the normal six or seven they try to squeeze a story out of so they can sell that as a trade. I'm surprised as all get out. But at the very least, Dan Slott does a commendable job of packing his stories with intrigue and action along with the pace being so fluid. You know, kinda of like how a Marvel comic used to be. Ahem.

So Spidey is still in China, which multiple characters just won't or can't seem to let us forget, and Mr. Negative is trying to kill the man who's now doing business with Peter Parker and bring in a green technology car to China and let's face it, they sure could fucking use it. Am I right? (Donald Trump voice, FTW.)

So Spider-Man and the good folks over at Parker Industries have created a cure for Mr. Negative's evil making drug, Shade. If you don't know what that is, then you should have really been reading my last rant for the last issue of Amazing Spider-Man. And if you aren't, then what's wrong with you?  Also, could you bring me something to eat? Thanks.

Spider-Man along the Chinese police get into Marvel team up mode and take on Mr. Negative and his gang, which includes Cloak and Dagger. Old school favorites if there ever were any. Plus, I noticed the glowing review of how China works thanks to the writing of Dan Slott. It's almost as if he knows they own a ton of American debts and want to make sure that if shit totally goes to hell in a hand basket, he's got a lifeboat over there. That or he was trying to bridge a cultural divide or something.

So Spidey saves the old man and uses his cure to cure Cloak and Dagger back to being good guys. Mr. Negative escapes to cause trouble down the road when we get another damn reboot and Spider-Man even forgives his hoe GF who was a mole for Scorpio to save her mother's life. Spidey's all like, "It's okay baby, Peter would totally understand that bull." But now that I really think about it, if he really did care about her, he would have told her he was Spider-Man. I mean, shit, didn't this moron unmask during Civil War? Shit, after Secret War 2016 did that even happen? Bah! Uhm, fun issue and all that and really isn't that what really counts. I'm sure somewhere Steve Dittko is rolling his eyes at all this and I take comfort in that.

-Tash Moore

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