Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Comics Rant: Doctor Strange #5

Dr. Strange #5
Written by Jason Aaron
Drawn and Colored by Chris Bachalo
Inked by Tim Townsend, Al Vey, Mark Irwin, John Livesay, Victor Olzazaba and Jamie Mendoza

A world without magic? Say it ain't so, and I'm not talking about the Weezer song, gang. In this issue, Jason Aaron continues his freaking off beat tale (Isn't that what he does best?) of a group of bad guys who want to do away with magic. We found out in this story that every time the good Doctor uses magic there is a price to pay. Hence the title of the story "Pound of Flesh." Every damn time Doctor Strange uses what's called Black Atlantean Magic he starts to bleed from the eyes.

It's at this part that Wong, his faithful man servant slash Alfred analog, helps our hero to his basement. The basement is pretty much a fail safe to keep Doctor Strange alive and fighting. For whom you might ask, well us, ya jerk ass. But the crazy thing is that out in the Himalayas, there is a group of Monks called the Secret Disciples of Strange that give up a little bit of their life force to heal the Doctor alive and well.

Hey, if those guys need to die to keep magic in our world, it's a price that Wong is totally willing to pay. No word if Doctor Strange knows that all this freaky shit is going on. An attack on NYC that isn't magical takes the most powerful weapon from Strange has to halt it, the All Seeing Eye of Agamotto along with more Black Atlantean Magic does the trick, but yet again Strange's eyes start bleeding like crazy! Just for the record, if the All Seeing Eye of Agamotto didn't see this attack, I sure hope like shit Dr. Strange saved the damn recipient. Probably going to want a refund there, dude.

But just as all the magical hugs and back slaps can commence, the dudes who hate magic, the Empirikul, show up to fuck shit up. Dr. Strange finds himself between a rock and a hard place. Cool story and art, it got me thinking that this was the end but when the bad guys hit the pages it gives me this "Oh shit, how does the hero get out of this one!" Which most modern comics lack that sometimes.  Looking forward to the next issue.

-Tash Moore

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