Thursday, March 24, 2016

Comics Rant: Extraordinary X-Men #7

Extraordinary X-Men #7
Written by Jeff Lemire
Drawn by Victor Ibanez
Colored by Jay David Ramos

Hey, how about that second season of Daredevil on Netflix? Great stuff, right? I mean it's so good that's why I haven't been able to get any rants out about comics. But that's all going to change. Well, until the NFL comes back, then count my money good as sent to the tv networks that carry it. Ahem, so I read this issue of X-Men by Jeff Lemire. Got to give the guy credit, he can work the whole team dynamic. Think Mark Millar on The Authority. Pretty much when the guy still gave a damn. Not like now.

So teen Jean and Storm are inside the head of Nightcrawler, who's been acting very much not himself since he came back to join the new X-Men team. He's all emo and not talking to anyone or saying anything. So instead of, you know, letting Nightcrawler come out of his shell and open up in a natural way, Jean and Storm are just like "Fuck it!!!" And just go inside his mind. Talk about an invasion of privacy.

Turns out that Nightcrawler was trying to protect other Mutants because everyone over there were going apeshit and killing mutants left and right. Shit, man they, even went old school by tossing the dead mutant bodies into a ditch. Man, those Germans. Will they ever learn? Shit, if comic book writers have their say, never. I mean we do need bad guys. Might as well make it them. I mean, they're already use to it. Zing.

Nightcrawler comes out of his whole, "I'm not talking to you guys right now," phase and breaks down and cries. I mean, I did dig the fact that the X-Men were hugging it out. Which is what the Americans and the British did right after the Revolutionary War, so I'm told. Or hey, maybe not. I'm not a history teacher.

Also another subplot had Sunfire join the team. Or something. Turns out our boy was stuck in the dimension next to Limbo that Magik is the Queen of. Some other Magic chick is telling the X-Men that a war is coming. Could it involve Apocalypse and having the editors of the X-Men books leaving me face down in an alley with my money gone. Yes, I think that sounds about right. Until this title goes back to just being the Jeff Lemire X-Title I won't be buying it. I'm so done with Marvel fucking crossovers. You can bet your ass I ain't buying that Civil War II. Fuck that. But I do love this book. I just wish it stayed a standalone title.

-Tash Moore

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