Friday, March 11, 2016

Comics Rant: Swamp Thing #2

Swamp Thing #2
Written by Len Wein
 Drawn by Kelley Jones
Colored by Michelle Madsen

Horror comics have been a big deal since the Silver Age. With books like House of Mystery and all those awesome EC tales, most popularly Tales from the Crypt and so on, it's safe to put myself up there as a fan. So if it's a book or a zombie filled film like Dawn of the Dead, it's a favorite genre for me. So is comics so when you get the two added with a classic vibe, it's magic. That's where we are with today's rant: Swamp Thing #2.

Not only is Len Wein one of the greats in comics' history, the other part that pulled me to read this title is it's got Kelley Jones on art. I always felt dude didn't get the proper respect in the industry. Just go back and re-read his run on the Batman title with Doug Moench in the mid to late 1990's.

But Batman ain't here this time around. Here we've got ol' Swampy taking on a zombie. I mean shit, you can turn to any form of media and see those fuckers, so why not have Swamp Thing fight one. Makes sense to me. Money sense. Ahem. I can see Dan Didio counting the dollar bills now. All while "conveniently" forgetting to send the creative any pay. What can he say, it is the DC way.

Okay, okay, jokes to the side. (For now.) Swamp Thing got torn in half fighting the zombie last issue. No doubt Medicare ain't gonna pick up the cost of that. Swampy pulls himself together, quite literally then goes to see, Shade, the Changing Man. Don't ask why. Shade breaks the news to our moss covered hero that the parents of the zombie did this to him an he's killing innocent college kids and the only way to stop a zombie is to fill its mouth with salt and then sew it shut. Huh. Well, that's new. Let's see if Kirkman steals it at some point. If he does, DC will no doubt sue and he'll have to settle with Invincible getting a stern talking to from a pre new 52 Superman. Wait what?

Swamp Thing does all this and kills the zombie so that he's not the living dead anymore, but you know, just fucking dead. He also gives zombie boy's parents a wagging of his swamp covered finger for bring back the dead. Oh, but not to let this off so easy he has the cops find them with the body and they go to jail... for something. Just think of it like the ending of Daredevil. You don't know why Kingpin is going to jai, but he is, so uhm, yeah, go good guys. Or something like that.

Swamp Thing goes back to his swamp to do swamp things. The tale ends with the Phantom Stranger showing up and delivers a warning in his best Batman tone. Then disappears into the he thin air....... like Batman. Great moody art that fits with the story. Much like I enjoy peanut butter and chocolate. Can't go wrong with that. Oh, and old foe slash friend Matt Cable is back. But you'll have to wait until next time to find out why he's back. Probably because the story demanded it.

-Tash Moore  

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