Sunday, April 10, 2016

Comics Rant: Batman #50

Batman #50
Written by Scott Snyder
Drawn by Greg Capullo, & Yanick Paquette
Inked by Danny Miki
Colored by Fco Plascencia & Nathan Fairbairn

Catching up on my comics brings me to this, yet again, oversized issue of Batman. Damn, DC, what were you thinking? Trying to squeeze out one more dollar before Rebirth, eh? Okay. Seems like a good idea, but then you realize that Marvel does it better. Okay, I'm kidding. Or am I? This was a very fun issue of Batman. It gave us an ending to the whole Jim Gordon Batman story. Bringing Bruce Wayne back as Batman felt like it could have taken just a bit longer. I was one of those people who dug Jim Gordon rocking the Bat suit. Even if it was one that looked like a Gundam reject.

Jim Gordon Batman had Mr. Bloom shove one of his vines down Jimbo's mouth and shatter his spine. That's got to hurt. But hey! The real Batman is back! Turns out that drug that the Joker used on Batman that took away his memory also took away Bruce Wayne's scars and injuries making him like new. Saywhatthefucknow!?!?! That's some out of the ordinary shit right there.

That's too out of left field for Batman. Shit, that's like when Traveller shows up in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man and no one knew just how fucking powerful this guy was or just what he was supposed to be. I guess the writer and/or editor was like, "screw it." And used the character as a plot device for convenience. Hey, it happens from time to time.

So this issue comes from Jim Gordon, who's injured but instead of going to the hospital, had decided to stay behind and help Batman with the fight against Mr. Bloom. Also, the new Robin learns that his pal, Duke, is the creator of the Mr. Bloom seeds but someone stole it from him, so he doesn't know if Mr. Bloom is a he or a she or what. Mr. Bloom releases the mini core that powers the Bat Mecha suit under GCPD and is trying to blow Gotham City to shit. But Batman has his own new Bat Mecha outfit but it's for naught because Mr. Bloom starts kicking Batman's ass and ripping the suit to pieces.

So it's a triple threat with Mr. Bloom. He's battling Batman, Jim Gordon and Robin in the sky. Geez, he almost seems like the good guy with all these damn obstacles to overcome. But Gordon turns on the Collider while Batman and (Not) Robin hold him in place and boom, that's it's, Bloom is dead. Then Gordon collapses and dies. Or not.

Jim Gordon wakes up in the hospital, saved in the nick of the time and guess what? He's back to being commissioner of the Gotham Police force again. I mean, I didn't like that the status quo came back so easily but the smaller moments between Batman and Gordon is what make the rest of the story. It humanizes both of them to a great degree. Why they do what they do and why they can't stop. It's a return to normal. Dang. Just when I was getting into the Gordon Batman. Oh well, nothing lasts forever. Well, except for Bruce Wayne as Batman, that motherfucker is DC's cash cow.

-Tash Moore

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