Sunday, April 17, 2016

Comics Rant: Black Widow #1

Black Widow #1
Written by Mark Waid & Chris Samnee
Drawn by Chris Samnee
Colored by Matthew Wilson

This is very much like an old school comic book. Hell, even a bit like an action movie. Black Widow is the follow up by Waid and Samnee's work over on Daredevil. It was sad to see them leave the Daredevil title but if this is the end result and I sat down and read this I would say, "Okay, this is gonna be great." Holy shit, it was.

The issue begins with Black Widow running around the SHIELD Hellicarrier, and Maria Hill puts out the order that Black Widow is to be subdued at all cost. So it's no dialogue time. Black Widow goes thought about 9 or 10 pages where she kicks ass and steals a flying hover car to get away. They even show Maria Hill doesn't want her to get away. Why you might ask? Well, Black Widow stole something from them.

Maria wants it back, whatever it is. So it's the SHIELD agents who get their asses handed to them, but Black Widow took a few licks too, just for good measure. Black Widow does all this while jumping from the Hellicarrier and falling 40,000 feet in the air. Which is illustrated in most stunning fashion by Samnee and Wilson. It's a fantastic look for a page along with a kick ass splash page of Black Widow leaping from the fucking Hellicarrier!! It needs to been seen to realize. No joke.

One SHIELD agent just can't stay down and follows Widow to the ground and the fight continues there. Punches and kicks are thrown and then boom!!! Widow leaves his sorry ass laid out on the ground, but then the whole thing gets even more interesting when the agent goes, "I hope whatever you stole was worth it." And she's like, "Me, too." That's when my head just went kaboom. Really? What the hell did she take and why... and who... Damn, this had me pumped to read issue #2. Very promising right out of the gate and this is the template for modern comics. My hats off to the whole team for knocking this first issue totally out of the park. My thumb is up.

-Tash Moore

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