Friday, April 29, 2016

Comics Rant: Silk #6

Silk #6
Written by Robbie Thompson
Drawn by Tana Ford
Colored by Ian Herring

Well I have to admit that Silk is a book that is growing on me. I just have two complaints. Where the heck is the original series artist, Stacey Lee? Also, just why the hell do they still have triple digits on the cover for the numbering of the books? We all know that Marvel ain't gonna get most of their books to #100. It just isn't going to happen. But you can bet your sweet ass for most books to get a new #1 and a reboot. So, you know, Marvel can create new jumping on points and not attempt to rake in more $$$ with a new #1. Yup. Nothing like that at all. Ahem.

So this is a story within a story. Silk is talking with Mockingbird about how she teamed up with Black Cat. Since Silk is in good with Black Cat now, they come up with an antidote to the Goblin Serum. Using it on the Goblin Kingdom making them normal again. So with that done, Phil Ulrich is no longer the Goblin King and he gets tossed off a huge post to his death! Not really. Silk tosses him off but thankfully he lands safely.

Silk is having conflicting feelings. She knew that Phil Ulrich would land okay, but part of her wanted him to die. That's heavy. Kinda like that damn Wheat Cakes Aunt May used to whip up. Pretty sure those damn things had HGH in them. That's how Peter was able to "out wrestle" Uncle Ben. Huh? Out wrestle? Sounds like our good ol' Uncle Ben took his wrestling lessons form Dennis Hassert. Okay, that was way to dark. Even for me. Back to the rant.

Mockingbird wants to pull double agent Silk from the field, which I get. I mean, she is starting to turn the corner and might legit be buying what the Black Cat is selling. Could a legit Silk heel turn not far behind? Mockingbird goes over all this with Spider-Woman. Hell, I forgot all about her. Spider-Woman decides that it's time for she and Silk to have a heart to heart talk. About time.

The issue ends with Silk, as Cindy Moon, talking to her therapist about how she can't get over the fact that almost killing Phil Ulrich made her almost feel... good. Pretty good issue. Loves the cover art as well as the conflict for the hero behind said cover. Interesting dynamic, seeing how most comic heroes don't go through these feelings. Well, not anymore. My thumb is up.

-Tash Moore

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