Saturday, April 9, 2016

Comics Rant: Superman #50

Superman #50
Written by Gene Luen Yang
Drawn by Howard Porter, Ardian Syaf, Patrick Zircher & Jon Bogdanove
Colored by Hi-Fi

Finally had some down time to get caught up on some comics and when I pulled the first one out of my pile, it was this oversized issue. It tied all the loose ends from the funky Superman doesn't have powers and is a semi pro wrestler story. No, you didn't read that wrong at all. While, it did make for a pretty funny tale, I felt like it was way out of the ordinary for a Superman comic. I mean, change is a good thing, but that shit just seems to border on the complete absurd.

Anyway, Superman is fighting Vandal Savage. Yeah, I'm not pretty sure how that whole thing happened, but uhm, yeah. That's happening. So we get a few different parts to this tale where Savage, not the Macho Man, finds the meteor that gave him immortality. Turns out that that same meteor had flown passed Krypton and was forced away from that planet. So you could kind of say that the folks of Krypton gave us Vandal Savage. So thanks for that guys.

Savage gets a hold of that meteor and gains its full power. Now homeboy can do all types of new things. Like use them to take Superman to Krypton to show him how his life would have been had Krypton not been destroyed. Huh. If anything, you'd think that would make Supes mad. Then they show how it would have been if Superman himself could save the human race if only they teamed up.

But we all know that Superman is always the big blue Boy Scout. No matter what universe he's in we can all count on Superman to do the right thing. And instead of turning heel and joining Savage he attacks Savage and fights him over the meteor. Supes throws the thing into the sky which causes it to explode for some reason. Hey, it's a comic book, deal with it.

Later, Superman is having lunch with Lois and Jimmy. I guess, he's come to terms with everyone knowing that he and Clark Kent are one and the same. Then he breaks the lunch date to go off to save a kitten from a tree, or something like that, showing that Superman in indeed the wet blanket of the DC Universe. No, I kid. But I'm sure the next DC reboot will fix that. This was an interesting way to bring an end to this weird de-powered, "He can also explode" faze of the Man of Steel. The art saved the book, but was never really consistent. At least the John Romita Jr. cover is on point.

-Tash Moore

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