Monday, April 25, 2016

Comics Rant: Swamp Thing #3

Swamp Thing #3
Written by Len Wein
Drawn by Kelley Jones
Colored by Michelle Madsen

Horror fans, rejoice. Swampy is back to his kooky roots of spells, creepiness, and just odd shit. Swamp Thing is just chilling in his swamp playing with a big ass snake that's trying to eat him. You know, the usual Tuesday night. Swamp Thing playing with snake that wants to legit eat him but Swampy ain't really having it and tosses the snake's ass all over the swamp, but they are friends so it's cool. Shit, Swamp Thing even says they are friends in his caption boxes.

Swamp Thing's old friend from back in the day, Matt Cable, is here in the swamp. He's from back in the day but for all you young heads out there, Matt was pals with Swamp Thing and Abby before Scott Snyder turned her from damsel in distress and made her a short hair ass kick that blows. Fucking zombies away. Suck on that, Walking Dead.

Ahem. So Matt has stolen an item called "The Hand of Fatima" that has the power to turn Swamp Thing back into Alec Holland. Somewhere, Alan Moore is sitting at his desk with a droll British accent, "It's not my idea, so it sucks." Maybe not all that, but shit, we can all agree it's some negative shit. That's just how he rolls. Also he's not cashing Marvel checks or Wildstorm/ DC checks either. Ha! Just kidding. DC ain't sending his ass a thing. Watchmen rights, FTW!

Swamp Thing ain't really in line with the whole magic aspect of the DCU so he and Matt takes his rental car up to see Zatanna. I mean, she was on the cover to this issue, sadly I was hoping they we're going to throw a curveball and have Phantom Stranger just show up out of the blue. Why? Because the Phantom Stranger is fucking awesome.

Zantanna uses all her magic mumbo jumbo and uses the hand to turn Swamp Thing back into a human being! Oh happy day. (Sister Act 2) But it was all a ruse (great word) because Matt now is Swamp thing. And boy is he evil! The best part that had me in tears is when Matt (as the new Evil Swamp Thing) was like "Dude, how could you not known I was evil and NOT see this happening. Moron!" Yup. Just like that. Man, Len Wein really understands how to write compelling dialogue. Great twist and can't wait to see the next issue to see how this whole thing resolves itself. My thumb is up.

-Tash Moore

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