Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Comics Rant: Batman #51

Batman #51
Written by Scott Snyder
Penciled by Greg Capullo
Inked by Danny Miki
Colored by Fco Plascencia

We interrupt this action packed issue of Batman to bring you Gotham City, where once everything goes.... right? We have Bruce Wayne who's back as Batman. Minus the scars and hits from the last few years of being blown up or shot or stabbed. You know, it's pretty much what Batman would call a normal night out in Gotham. If you don't know why the Bruce Wayne Batman is back then you should read my last rant of Batman #50. It's a doozy.

An Earthquake hits Gotham City and shuts down all of the power. I was thinking this was about to become a sequel to "No Man's Land" but then noticed that Batman jumped into action to save the city, unlike the last time when he just cried like a bitch and hid for 90 days. If you don't believe me then go read all five trades, it's easier than reading all the damn Bat Family titles from that whole year. I'll wait.

Okay, glad to have you back. So where was I? Oh, yeah. Batman and the power outage, which should have been the name of this issue. Batman can't believe that this was a natural occurrence and rushes over to Arkham. Just when you think the bad guys are breaking out, Arkham finally steps into the 21st century and upgrades it's security and gets a fucking generator. Talk about twenty years in the making.

In what you'd think would be an all out riot around the city, things are pretty calm. All the villains are just like "Let's take the night off." Which I got to admit is the first in 75 years. Needless to say, they earned it.

Batman just goes around the city and in a sense, much like the villains, takes the night off. Then Alfred radios in that the earthquake is legit, a natural problem. Then the sun comes up and... fin! I always like the art by Capullo and crew. That was all I liked about this issue. Seeing at how it was a one off tale until reboot or rebirth or whatever the fuck it's called... Could have gone out with a bang. But instead we get a whimper. Thumbs down, yo. Hopefully, Snyder and crew with John Romita, Jr. can get the action going in All Star Batman.

-Tash Moore

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