Monday, May 2, 2016

Comics Rant: Doctor Strange #6

Doctor Strange #6
Written by Jason Aaron
Penciled by Chris Bachalo
Inked by Tim Townsend, Al Vey, Mark Irwin,John Livesay, Wayne Faucher, Victor Olazaba & Jamie Mendoza
Colored by Chris Bachalo

Man, I know I say this every time I write a review of this comic but it seems like they have a million inkers on this book. Now, I wonder if they all get paid the same wage or they are all forced to split the dollar amount that goes to Tim Townsend. Knowing how it goes down at Marvel, they most likely make them do battle with a 15 foot high steel cage. Then the winner gets the check, only to be attacked from behind by Stan Lee, who then takes the check for himself. Hey, it's not like he's never done it before. 1. I kid, and 2. am I? And 3. boy, I've been watching way too much WWE Network. (Only $9.99)

So starts "The Last Days of Magic" so says the cover. Boy, Jason Aaron sure likes to bring the last days of something, I mean, the dude did bring us the last days of Gods during his Thor run so Jason just said "Fuck it" and applied it to Dr. Strange. But only Jason Aaron can do that with a story. Well, that and shit talk Alan Moore and not have ultra Mega Nerd rage come down on him. Respect.

The main bad guy here is the leader of the Empirikul who wants magic gone. I mean, like the sales of a Superman comic. Dead and gone. So much so, that they attack Dr. Strange at his home and throw down with him there. But it doesn't stop there. The Empirikul are also attacking the other magic based heroes of the Marvel U. Which no doubt will not be mentioned anywhere else in the Marvel U. Quick, someone find Jim Shooter to complain about the lack of interconnection with current Marvel titles. Oh, wait, that would be me, I guess.

The Empirikul be trippin'. You don't take your fight to Dr. Strange on his home turf. Let alone right in front of his crib. Because the damn plants come to life to lend Dr. Strange a hand in his battle. I like how the current creative team has made the house itself a powerful weapon at the good Doctor's disposal. But with the Empirikul cleaning our planet of magic, Doctor Strange feels his powers getting weaker and weaker. So Doc takes the last remaining magic in the earth and uses it to launch an attack against the Empirikul. But, it ain't enough. He's overrun and, boom, it seems the magic much like the music has died. Great issue yet again, but my only gripe is Chris Bachalo is back to his non linear style of art and that shit turned me over on his Amazing Spider-Man run and it's starting to do the same to me here. If it doesn't stabilize I can see my self saying ("bah") and not buying this book anymore. But we aren't there. Not yet anyway.

-Tash Moore

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