Monday, May 23, 2016

Comics Rant: Superman #51

Superman #51
Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Drawn and Colored by Mikel Janin

The last days of Superman?!! This shit again? Ugh. Well, at the very least we get this story from the mind of Peter J. Tomasi. You know, of Batman and Robin fame. No, who you're thinking isn't Grant Morrison. Tomasi starts and stays strong. Morrison cashes the check and gets the fuck out of dodge. Yup. So Superman learns he's dying. I guess he won't have to pay off his credit card balance. Lucky him. But Supes is taking it like a real champ. Instead of crying about it, he heads back to Smallville.

He's there to shoot the shit with Lana Lang. They hang out. And play on her old swing and swap tales from back in the day. Then Clark carries Lana to where his parents are buried and tells Lana that he's going to die and instead of running from it he's going to take it head on by asking her to bury him next to his folks.

If you're wondering why Superman is dying it's because it's from his past battles being a Lucha Libre wrestler and then the out of nowhere fight with Vandal Savage from a few issues ago messed his body up good, that and along with that new "absorb the sun and turn into a solar bomb thing" is killing him. Skin cancer is a motherfucker.

Back in Nebraska, some dude who escaped from Shawshank prison sets himself on fire a la the Human Torch and proclaims himself the new Superman. Think Reign of the Superman, but you know, not selling nearly as many copies. Say what you will about the 90's but they knew how to sell comics to the mainstream. Plus, I'm a bit disappointed that someone escaped from a prison named Shawshank and didn't bring Morgan Freedman and Tim Robbins with him. Bummer.

So, we get a new young Superman right around the time when the old one is dying. Talk about convenience. Superman flies to Metropolis to see Lois Lane. Turns out he's pretty much okay that Lois outed him as the Man of Steel to the public. Me, I'd be totally pissed off. But Clark is a better man than me. He takes Lois on a quick flight around the city. He then turns the rights over to his life story to Lois Lane. Wow, talk about a Boy Scout. Supes then flies off with Lois to spill the goods. This was a pretty damn fun issue that pulled all the last few goofy issues of Superman together. Which I'll admit always didn't flow that well, but this righted all those wrongs and I'm using this as a primer for when Tomasi and crew launch the new weekly Superman title from DC later this summer. He's bringing Patrick Gleason with him so you know it's gonna be good. Well, one can only hope, but I'm optimistic. Much like the Man of Steel himself.

-Tash Moore

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