Friday, June 10, 2016

Comics Rant: Batman #52

Batman #52
Written by James Tynion IV
Penciled & Inked by Riley Rosmo
Partial Inks by Brian Level
Colored by Ivan Plascencia & Jordan Boyd

Wow, an issue of Batman not done by Scott Snyder. Also, shit, another comic relaunched before it hits triple digits. I guess we'll never see that again. But I guess that's just the way it is. Did anyone check out that cover? Why is Batman smiling? Shit, you'd think Greg Capullo just finished watching Batman Forever before handing this cover in and running to the back to cash the check before anyone's the wiser. But, seriously, Batman looks like a total weirdo.

In this issue by the guy who used to write Talon, Batman deals with his past and the future. We see a young Bruce Wayne dealing with the death of his folks, and the vigorous training it took to become the Dark Knight. Hell, there was a strange part in this issue where Bruce was in Canada butt ass naked under a freezing cold waterfall. Huh. Must be his idea of a good time. Oh that playboy. But I'm pretty sure this has to be a thing that rich people do.

Weaved into the story is a new villain in Gotham name Crypsis who wants to steal an item from the Gotham City Bank that belongs to one Bruce Wayne, which we all know would bring Batman running to the crime scene. Also, thanks to Crypsis for taking the time to monologue and tell us what he/she wants and what his/her powers are, yet not taking the time to tell me just what fucking gender he/she is? Oh well.

Typical Batman stuff here. Flashbacks between young Bruce keeping a list of things he needs to do to move on after the murder of his parents and his fighting with Alfred on how to achieve said goals. If the goals you've set are jumping out of a plane 200 feet higher than normal to control your ability to not pass out and train with ninja's then yeah, Bruce is doing pretty well for himself. The rich fucker.

I gotta admit that Crypsis has a name which feels like a throwaway. Probably because after this, no other Batman writer will use his (or her) ass ever again. Also, with a name like Crypsis, it really makes me want to go grab a KFC $5 fill up. Crypsis's whole plan was to steal whatever Bruce Wayne had locked up in a vault at Gotham Bank to blackmail him into forking over millions, because you know, rich people still keep dark secrets like that to be sold to TMZ. That's totally the plot here, gang.

So, of course Batman whips his (her?) good and sends Crypsis and its 11 herbs and spices to Blackgate prison. Where there is no doubt in my mind Col. Sanders is there waiting for some sweet revenge. Kudos to the art team here. It was Batman without being overly bulking. Like a guy who moved in the shadows and had to be super silent likely look, but that look doesn't sell Batman comics, silly. It was a one and done story which we don't see that often in comics anymore so, it's all good here. Now I'm off to KFC. Oddly enough didn't DC have that promotion with Col. Sanders and the Flash. I'm guessing that didn't go so well so we get the much more subliminal type of advertising here. Damn you, Didio.

-Tash Moore

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