Saturday, June 18, 2016

Comics Rant: Silver Surfer #4

Silver Surfer #4
Story by Dan Slott & Michael Allred
Drawn by Michael Allred
Colored by Laura Allred

Stand back, here come the Avengers! Strangely enough this isn't even an Avengers comic book. Go figure. But the price on the cover says $3.99 so it makes sense. Money sense. Since the Silver Surfer doesn't have pockets I wonder where he keeps his royalty checks. From the last issue the Silver Surfer is in the hospital. By way of using his small bit of the Power Cosmic to turn the tides on the inhabitants of Zenn La and his former ho, Shalla Bal. So I'm assuming they are broken up.

With the Surfer out of commission,
it's up to the Avengers, and even Daredevil and the newly returned Thing, to fight the Zenn Lavians away from the hospital holding the Surfer. Dawn Greenwood and Alicia Masters are left behind to watch over the Surfer while the Avengers handle business. What would that be? Why, fight lots of meaningless drone villains while the main one sneaks into the hospital to kill the Silver Surfer.

Alicia gets a character update via Slott and the Allred's by now being able to use martial arts. Taught to her by Daredevil. So I guess in the Marvel U all the blind people stick together. Or maybe they were just taught by a guy with that name. Zing. The Surfer has got heat with Shalla Bal for turning her weapon against her and wiping the galaxy of the very memory of Zenn La. So the Silver Surfer just went and reversed the polarity. Shit, what is this? Ninja turtles?

Shalla Bal gains the upper hand on Kung fu Alicia and then goes to kill Dawn Greenwood. Thankfully, Toomie, the Surfer's board steps in front of a killing blast meant for Dawn and the shock wakes up the Surfer from his coma. Well, that was convenient. Things get odd when Shalla Bal is just like "Screw it" and decides that killing the Silver Surfer isn't in her best interest and just decides that she'll banish him from being a member of the planet of Zenn La, which now that I think about it, doesn't make much sense. I mean, hell, isn't Zenn La gone now?

Don't pay attention to that plot detail, just look at all the awesome art. And boy is it fucking awesome to look at. Good. Now Shalla Bal just leaves and then the Surfer is sad because he has no home planet anymore. But then the members of the UN show up and make him a member of every nation on earth so I guess that makes up for betraying your people. That and he gets to mack on Dawn Greenwood..... don't worry about that plot, but man oh man that art. It's worth the 4 bucks alone to just look at it. Hopefully the Allred's make a poster of the Silver Surfer, hell, make one for the Marvel U. Make it happen, Quesada.

-Tash Moore

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