Thursday, June 30, 2016

Comics Rant: Superman #1

Superman #1
Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Penciled by Patrick Gleason
Inked by Mick Gray
Colored by John Kalisz

Superman is back! No, I don't mean that weird Mexican wrestler one from a few moths ago, although I gotta admit, it was a treat seeing the Man of Steel hitting dudes with suplexes and power bombs, but our big blue boy scout is back. But he's really not, in a way. I'm not going back on my word to ever pick up another one of these fucking "Event" books, so I didn't get DC's Rebirth, so I don't know all the details but Superman is dead to the world. Only that he isn't really dead.

Superman is now Clark Smith and living at his Smallville Farm with Lois as his wife and they have a son named Jon, clearly named after Clark's dad. Clark has given up being Superman and settled down to live a normal life. As normal as you can get when you can absorb the sun and fly and do whatever the hell you please. But yeah, normal. So it's back to the farm life for the Kent's... I mean the Smiths. Holy shit, that's a generic ass name.

Ahem. Clark's son, Jon, knows the deal that he has powers but he isn't quite in a position to handle them, shit. I mean earlier on while trying to save his cat from a vulture he uses his heat vision to kill said vulture... and his cat. Keep that little fucker away from my pets. Kudos to Tomasi and Gleason for making the transition to the Man of Steel book. I know it's a huge departure from their work on Batman, but they are pretty much the only reason I'm buying this title. If it was anyone else I would have simply stopped reading.

Also, John Kalisz is the unsung hero here making the colors nice and vibrant. Just what you'd want out of a Superman comic book. Jon is having problems controlling his powers so he opts for the time being to not develop them. Clark has no problem with this. I mean how else do you expect one sole dude to actually run a fucking farm by his lonesome. Hey, did I mention that some folks near the Superman family has purchased a dairy farm. I didn't? Well, hell I just did. Enjoy.

The ending of our book has Batman and Wonder Woman showing up at the farm trying to recruit Superman back into the Justice League. But he says he has no interest in joining 1. A bad Avengers knock off written by Bendis lite. And 2. Waiting to be nowhere near any fucking comic book written by Bryan Hitch. I don't blame him. Then they ask for Superman Jr. They either want him to join the team or to tell him he's also a wizard. I'm betting it's the second one. Jon is listening in with his Super Hearing. Then Superman bursts into the house and tells Jon to get dressed because he's going away. Huh? Where and why? I guess issue two will resolve that. Great introduction issue that laid the foundation for future issues and where we go with the Son of the Man Of Steel. Still trying to figure out this new DC universe. But then again, aren't the editors. Zing!!

-Tash Moore

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