Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Comics Rant: Amazing Spider-Man #14

Amazing Spider-Man #14
Written by Dan Slott
Penciled by Giuseppe Camuncoli
Inked by Cam Smith
Colored by Marte Gracia

"Someone has to stop him!" Which would be the name of the title of this issue of Amazing Spider-Man if it had come out in the Silver Age. Man, I miss titles like that. Anyhoo, Regent is still out there attacking Avengers and capturing them to add their powers to his own. But hey, also during this time, Spider-Man and Iron Man both still have their thumbs up their asses. Hell, Regent even beats up the new Thor (Ther) and gains her powers, provided she keeps her hand on the hammer. That way Regent and his people can lift it off the ground. Nice touch by Slott and Co. To remember that little tidbit.

So yeah, Regent still has that "The only way to save the world is for me to take over it" frame of mind. Yeah, someone should tell him that that doesn't really work out for anyone. Just ask Goldfinger.  Regent gets a surprise visit from Harry Osborn. He's talking about some sort of partnership between Parker Industries and Regent's own company, Empire Unlimited.

If you read my last ASM rant (and if you didn't what's wrong with you?), you'll know that Harry, MJ, and Betty Brant pretty much figured out what us, the reader, already knew, who Regent really is. Betty went to go for a follow up interview and vanished like a Marvel comic going into high double digits and Harry went to see what may have happened to her.

Harry sees Regent and then it's all downhill for our morally questionable bad guy. Harry jumps on his web ware device to snitch to Peter who Regent really is and where he's at. We get yet another Spidey-Shellhead team up. Yet again they tag team Regent and because they can't get on the same page (again?) they get their asses kicked and captured, and their powers added to Regent. Man, Regent is playing fucking Pokemon Go with the powers of the heroes of the Marvel U.

So if the Alex Ross cover for issue #15 has shown me anything, it's Mary Jane gearing up in Spider-Armor to take on Regent. About time she saved the day, shit it was kind of overdue. Plus man, Spidey and Iron Man just can't get on the same page. I blame it on Peter Parker getting rich. Give a guy money and watch him act funny. C'mon Slott, give us poor man Parker back, pal. That or make him richer than Tony Stark. That'll learn him. Good issue, yo. Amazing Spider-Man is a modern comic with old school storytelling that endears itself to comic fans old and new.

-Tash Moore

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