Friday, July 15, 2016

Comics Rant: Mighty Thor #8

Mighty Thor #8
Written by Jason Aaron
Drawn by Russell Dauterman
Colored by Matthew Wilson

Lots going on with Thor here, folks. And I mean lots. Tash Moore here and I've pulled myself away from the WWE Network and laughing at how shitty WCW was via 1999, and I ended up reading this issue. That and eating waffles, so yeah, all very essential things to do on most days. I know this is just the eighth issue, but could someone over at Marvel stop with this rebooting with a new #1 shit? Thanks.

So Jane Foster is the new Thor. That'd be all good and well but every time she powers up with the hammer, she purges herself of the medication that's attempting to kill her cancer. Which is a shitty trade off, but she enjoys the rush of being the new Goddess of Thunder. SHIELD doesn't take well the fact that there is a new Thor, and even more so that they don't know her secret identity. So without a warrant, SHEILD takes Dr. Jane Foster into custody and starts grilling her about the new Thor. Jane is all "Whatever" because she's got cancer and she figures SHIELD ain't got nothing that they can threaten her with. Thankfully, Roz Solomon comes and gets her out of the Hellicarrier. About time, too. Who knows when they were gonna break out the "enhanced interrogation" techniques.

In other pages of this book, Darrio Agger, current CEO of Roxxon, is meeting with the rich who's who of bad guys from the Marvel U. Kingpin, Tiberius Stone, and Silver Samurai Jr. (Don't know who this guy is, but he was pretty cool.) The jerks are upset that Agger has access to the realms of the Elfs and isn't planning on playing nice and sharing those realms for plundering as a group. Huh. I guess Darrio Agger never learned to share as a boy. Or as a young ogre. That's just the way he was raised, fam.

Agger and Silver Samurai Jr. fight but it's all a lost cause as Agger gets his ass handed to him and has his assets taken away as well. Bummer. Roz Solomon drops off Jane Foster at her doctors. But she can't stay with Jane long because she's got wind of Agger's secret rich people meeting and wants to crash it. You know, like most young people would. "People making money?!? How dare they!"

Roz rushes off but Jane decides that seeing her doctor ain't that big a deal and turns into Thor and follows Roz. One, to lend a hand and two, to finally kick the ass of Darrio Agger. But they're both too late. Agger is gone and the two SHELD agents are following them both. They know something's up but can't follow up until they get that there proof.

I've been enjoying Thor for some time. It just seems to be a late book as far as shipping. Maybe Marvel ought to make it bi monthly to ease things for the creative team. That would be a good idea, I think. Jane is perfect as the new Thor and it's a fresh take as to what we used to get of Thor and Odin's disagree then die and then make up and follow the same path over and over again. Plus Aaron writes such a dick head Odin, you'll gladly pay your $3.99 once a month for the moment when he gets his ass kicked. Go buy this book.

-Tash Moore

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