Monday, July 4, 2016

Comics Rant: Thief of Thieves #32

Thief of Thieves #32
Written by Andy Diggle
Drawn by Shawn Martinbrough
Colored by Adriano Lucas

Holy shit! Here's a book I'd never thought I'd ever see again. Thief of Thieves started out as that other Kirkman book that wasn't Walking Dead or Invincible. So much like another Image Comic,  Haunt, it kind of fell by the wayside after the first few issues by fans. But I've been buying the book since day one. I'll admit to being eager to seeing just what new nonsense the world's greatest thief can get into. (Redmond's words, folks. Not mine.)

Our story begins. Well, in the beginning, you know, unless your name is Grant Morrison. That being the case you can start anywhere and the story doesn't have to make any sense but don't worry, people will still say things like its "thought provoking". And I guess it could be. I mean, it's hard to think that someone got paid to write shit like the Batman of Zu Enn Ruh. Ahem. Should have called Paul Levitez, he'd have shut that shit down quick.

Oh wait, I'm doing a rant here. Okay, so Redmond is back to stealing stuff. I mean , the title is Thief of Thieves, So yeah,it makes sense. But there is a twist. Redmond. Is stealing stuff from other thieves and returning it to the rightful owner. Which is noble, I guess. Now if only Redmond could steal me a Danish pastry. Oh, that would be sweet. But getting back on topic, Redmond is kind of like Robin Hood, but not the Men in Tights version, or for that matter, the weak ass Kevin Costner one either, he's just a man doing what he can. Also, if there's some cash in it for himself, he's game, too.

We've got two Russian brothers named Viktor and Maxim. (The Magazine?) These dudes are well off but as usual these guys want even more and they want someone to steal a large prize for them. Rich people who are taking more than their fair share? Quick, someone phone Bernie Sanders! So the Brothers call upon Redmond (The American), Fausto Delgado (The Spaniard) and Sally Pike (The Brit.) These three are supposed to make up the three best thieves in the world. But what they are doing in the employ of the brothers, is still yet a mystery.

Good return to form for this book. Even if it's always late, I hope it can get back to being monthly again. Being away for so long made me forget just what was supposed to be even happening, but it's back to me now and I want to see just what Redmond is going to do and how he gets himself out of the tightest of tight spots. It's like James Bond, if James Bond just said "Screw it!" And joined SPECTRE. Go buy this book, the story and the art are phenomenal. I've got no more to say! Now be gone! Also, would it kill you guys to bring me some coffee.

-Tash Moore

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