Thursday, August 11, 2016

Comics Rant: Black Widow #5

Black Widow #5
Written by Mark Waid & Chris Samnee
Drawn by Chris Samnee
Colored by Matthew Wilson

Damn, just how many books does Matthew Wilson color anyway? We get more James Bond like flipping, fighting, and shooting in this new issue of Black Widow. When last we left the Super Spy she was in possession of some Russian intelligence stolen from her old handlers at the Red Room program. This was to be given to her new boss, The Weeping Lion. (Still not a fan of that name.) But, Natasha isn't really turning heel. The Weeping Lion just has some Intel on her that she clearly doesn't want to get out to the greater Marvel U.

An emissary of the Lion meets Black Widow to gather the stolen Red Room folder, but boom, he's not really with the Weeping Lion. He's a member of SHIELD, trying to find out if Black Widow has really gone rogue.

They get followed (or "made" which I'd say if I were a spy. But I ain't, so get off my back.) But the SHIELD agent gets shot and starts bleeding all over the place. Black Widow steals a car and tries to make a break for it. After some wickedly awesome driving, well, the dodging was cool, but the whole crashing into a retaining wall wasn't. But man, look at that fantastic art and action by Chris Samnee. Whatever they're paying him, it ain't enough.

Weeping Lion's men finally corner Widow and the SHIELD agent. The Lion's men say either hand over the file or they kill the agent. The SHIELD agent (who doesn't have a name) decides that if SHIELD can't have the Red Room file, nobody can. Dude pulls out a grenade and blows himself and the two agents of the Weeping Lion to holy hell, leaving some cuts and wounds on Black Widow. No wonder they didn't name this guy. They had no plans for him after this issue. Man, so guys from SHIELD are like fucking Star Trek Red Shirts.

Weeping Lion is understandably pissed at not getting that file. So his evil ass just releases the super secret Black Widow info to the public, via online. Oh and to Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. Boy, does he look pissed and he's heading right to fight Black Widow! The shit just hit the fan, ya'll. It's a big fight coming up next month. I know I say this every month, but this, along with Amazing Spider-Man, is the finest example of comic book storytelling in this era.

-Tash Moore

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