Monday, August 1, 2016

Comics Rant: Doctor Strange #9

Doctor Strange #9
Written by Jason Aaron
Penciled by Chris Bachalo
Inked by Mark Irwin, John Livesay, Victor Olazaba, Al Vey, Tim Townsend and Jamie Mendoza
Colored by Java Tartaglia and Chris Bachalo

Hey, it's an issue of Doctor Strange where you can stomach the artwork and it doesn't make you feel like you were on a roller coaster. What can I say? There was time that I felt that Chris Bachalo's art was hard to follow. Now it's not that frequent, but sometimes I'm just like "What the fuck is going on here?" Either he got a handle on it himself or an editor helped him out, there was very little confusion here.

Doctor Strange is in Tibet.
For what, you might ask? He's stealing the bones of his former master, The Ancient One. You know things are getting bad when you have to steal the bones of your ancient venerable to turn it to dust to make bullets for your magic gun. Shit just got real, yo.

Wong, the butler of our hero, Doctor Strange, is with Zelma. Who was, if you recall from issue #1, hired by Doctor Strange to be his new librarian and has gathered people who used to use magic to lend their power to the Doc. Well, more like give their lives to help him. That's deep. Zelma and Wong fight over if this is really the best course of action, and seeing as Doc Strange has very little magic left, they finally agree. Damn, about time these two agreed on something.

Back at Doctor Strange's mansion, his creature made completely of his own pain is free from his cellar. Again, you cheap bums, I refer you to last issue to get the 411 (or info.) on this. You know, the Empirikul doesn't like magic so they try to kill it. With no such luck. Turns out you can't kill something made from pure pain. Huh. Go figure.

Strange shows up in the mountaintops where Zelma and Wong are taking refuge in and he's rocking an awesome beard that would make Thor Odinson jealous. Not me, though, I'm way too manly to be intimidated by a dude who lives in the fucking Village. Jokes aside, Doctor Strange doesn't want to put normal people at risk just to keep him alive. Sadly, ol' Doc Strange didn't have that problem for the last few years he's been doing his whole Sorcerer Supreme act. But THIS time he's not gonna take it.

Doctor Strange tells Zelma to take her ass home, (this is his fight), and knocks Wong out. Some friend. One has to wonder if Bruce Wayne does this same type of thing to Alfred when the readers aren't around. My guess is yes. But Bat Beatings aside, Doctor Strange gathers up the other magical heroes of the Marvel U. and sets out to take the fight to the Empirikul in a last ditch effort to save magic! It looks like it's gonna be a knock down drag out affair and I can wait to read the next issue.

-Tash Moore

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