Friday, August 5, 2016

Comics Rant: Silk #9

Silk #9
Written by Robbie Thompson
Drawn by Stacey Lee
Colored by Ian Herring

Hey, would you look at that. A good issue of Silk. And that's not just because Stacey Lee is back to drawing it. Okay, well to be honest that's what it feels like since I didn't read the "Event Book" Spider-Women, and I use the term loosely. Silk and Black Cat start our tale together by breaking into the Brooklyn facility of Parker Industries. I can only image how much in rent that moron Parker is paying for that place.

So, yeah, Silk and Black Cat are sneaking their way into Peter Parker's personal lab at his company to steal what isn't very clear yet. Seems an evil version of Silk came into our universe and started stealing everything that wasn't nailed down and that's how Silk is now 100% "True to the Crew" now with Black Cat. She has her full trust.

I totally forgot about Silk's job at the Fact Channel. Shit, now that I think of it, so did the writer. Her two co-workers/ roomies are assisting in finding out about a doctor that may lead to her finding what really happened to her family, after she went into hiding all those years ago.

Black Cat and Silk have a tender moment when Silk reveals just a little too much about who she is. Let's not forget here that Silk isn't really bad, she's just working deep undercover for SHIELD, reporting directly to Mockingbird. Hey, remember those two co-workers (whose names I care not to remember) from the Fact Channel? Why they run into Silk and Mockingbird going over their plan to bring down Black Cat. They just happen to be having a damn picnic on the same roof as two covert SHIELD agents. This is why SHIELD keeps getting it's bases blown to shit.  

Why I lost my cool over this, (doesn't Silk have fucking Spider-Sense!?!?) I did like the plot twist of Black Cat finding out that Silk is a still a good guy. Turns out that item they needed to steal from Parker Industries was a Spider Tracer. Black Cat used it on Silk to track her and now it's time to throw down. But because it's a Marvel Comic you know you gotta wait for the next issue. Zing! Great tension built with a great pay off. Everything was on point here and showed Marvel Comics' strengths at how they really are or used to be the best comic book publisher out there.

-Tash Moore

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