Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Comics Rant: Superman #5

Superman #5
Story by Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Penciled by Doug Mahnke
Inked by Jaime Mendoza
Colored by Wil Quintana

Man, another new artist filling in this month? This twice a month schedule is killing DC. If you're going to switch to a twice a month schedule for this comic you need to kick it old school like Marvel used to. Back When X-Men and Amazing Spider-Man went twice a month they didn't have a rotating crew artist. You got Jim Lee and Todd McFarlane each and every month with very little fill in artist.

But then again, McFarlane would draw shitty backgrounds and leave it to the inker to fill in like a slave, so yeah, maybe there is a trade off. Anyway, Superman is still trying to save his son and wife, from the Eradicator. Still, man, this story

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Comics Rant: Daredevil #10

Daredevil #10
Written by Charles Soule
Drawn by Ron Garney
Colored by Matt Milla

Murder she wrote. Well, maybe just some excitement for this issue of the Man without Fear. Once again a friend of ol' hornhead gets into some jam (not the grape type) and he's got to bail him out. Blindspot, who's been teaming up with Daredevil since the brand spanking new Daredevil reboot, has gotten a job working for Matt Murdock at the NYC DA's office.

Blindspot got his ass handed to him a few issues ago. Blindspot tried to get in between Daredevil and Elektra and she

Monday, September 26, 2016

Comics Rant: Nightwing #3

Nightwing #3
Written by Tim Seeley
Drawn by Javier Fernandez
Colored by Chris Sotomayor

It's like Pulp Fiction, as in a tale showing the ending then confusing you then moving right to the beginning. That's what happened in this issue of Nightwing. Back in issue 2, Nightwing decided that it would be a much better idea to get closer to his new tag team partner, Raptor, (stupid name) and find out what the Court of Owls is hiding. He did this at the expense of going on a date with Batgirl in Japan. Moron.

In Turkey, Nightwing and Raptor are looking for a guy who designed the Court of Owls' labyrinth home base; he also builds his own home to resemble a maze. Think the hedge maze in the Shining.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Comics Rant: Amazing Spider-Man #16

Amazing Spider-Man #16
Written by Dan Slott
Penciled by Giuseppe Camuncoli
Inked by Cam Smith
Colored by Marte Gracia

More returning to a long gone era as we kick off this issue of Amazing Spider-Man. I mean, what would a Spider-Man book be if they didn't find some way to go ahead and remind us all of the Clone Saga. Hey, I mean, that's the thing that got me hooked on comics. What can I say, I grew up in the 1990's. It was a magical time. You know, when you could still wear pants that went straight to the ground and still be considered cool. Those where the days.

Jay Jameson is sick as we learned last issue. The doctors

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Comics Rant: Superman #4

Superman #4
Written by Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Penciled by Patrick Gleason
Inked by Mick Gray
Colored by John Kalisz

Man, they really should take to calling this the Superman Team Up. I mean, Marvel had that Spider-Man Team Up title and that made money. Money you can take to the bank, the money bank. Wait, I'm getting lost here. So Superman and his son are fighting with the Eradicator in the good ol' Fortress of Solitude. Shouldn't that be a place for rest and football?

The Eradicator wants to change Supes Jr.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Comics Rant: Mighty Thor #10

Mighty Thor #10
Written by Jason Aaron
Drawn by Russell Dauterman
Colored by Mathew Wilson

So.... many... plot threads.... in this issue of the Mighty Thor. We get a team up with Thor (Jane Foster) and Roz Solomon trying to stop the Agger Imperative. If you didn't read last issue or my rant for that matter, you may not know what the hell is going on. Darrio Agger, CEO of Roxxon has been taken hostage by the Silver Samurai (the son, not the kick ass original) in order to gain control of Roxxon. But if you know Agger, he ain't having none of that.

Instead of taking over Wall Street, Agger would be happy

Friday, September 9, 2016

Comics Rant: Nightwing #2

Nightwing #2
Written by Tim Seeley
Drawn by Javier Fernandez
Colored by Chris Sotomayor

Nightwing and his lies to be a part of the new Court of Owls continues here. The Owls have Nightwing working for them and since they feel he isn't bad enough, they make him team up with another costumed weirdo in their employ, Raptor. Well, that name ain't winning any originality awards. Or, hell, maybe it is, but we got a team up comic to talk about here. Nightwing and Raptor board his flying drone looking plane to infiltrate (great word) a Kobra tanker.

The Court of Owls wants this stopped and want what's on the tanker.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Comics Rant: All Star Batman #1

All Star Batman #1
Written by Scott Snyder
Penciled by John Romita Jr. & Declan Shalvey
Inked by Declan Shalvey & Danny Miki
Colors by Dean White & Jordie Bellaire

A new Batman #1?!? Huh. DC must be getting desperate for sales that they have come all the way down to the Marvel sales tactic. We get a new Batman title and since JRJR is drawing it, you know what that means. Price hike. Hey, the guy's gotta eat. And by eat I mean the best damn steak New York has to offer!!! Ahem. But we get two stories in this issue, the main Batman story with a newly returning Two Face and a back up nobody asked for with that kid Duke, who's the new Bat sidekick named Freewheel or Wheeler or something like that. Don't ask me, I don't care to be honest.

The issue starts off

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Comics Rant: Superman #3

Superman #3
Story by Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Drawn by Jorge Jimenez
Colored by Alejandro Sanchez

Superman and family take Superman Jr. to the Fortress of Solitude to figure out just what the hell is happening to his boy. You know, before his powers manifested, you should have given this shit some thought before having kids. Just saying. To compound maters, the Eradicator is back! Oh did I mention that he's just chilling inside the Fortress? Well, you would know that if you read my last rant for issue #2.

Superman's first instinct is to protect Lois and his Son. Which he does by throwing everything but the kitchen sink to bring down the Eradicator. It's not going Superman's way but Eradicator gets the upper hand (don't the bad guys always) and instead of inflicting harm, Eradicator saves Lois and Superman Jr.  from some falling debris and that gains Superman's trust. Well, that was easy.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Comics Rant: Daredevil #9

Daredevil #9
Written by Charles Soule
Drawn by Goran Sudzuka
Colored by Matt Milla

Wearing a black costume can make you go mad. Just ask Spider-Man as he shows up here to team up with Daredevil. What could make the two street level heroes of the Marvel U. team up this month? Why, Daredevil placed a phone call to our web swinger. Really, folks, it's that easy. Daredevil wants Spider-Man's help to steal a very valuable briefcase at the fancy hotel that he's been staying at for the last few days.

DD and Spidey attack the penthouse and the one guy who's job it is to hold on to the briefcase actually manages to get away but our heroes are hot on his tail. With a guy that moves that fast he must do cross fit..... clearly.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Comics Rant: Silver Surfer #5

Silver Surfer #5
Written by Dan Slott & Michael Allred
Drawn by Michael Allred
Colored by Laura Allred

Man, that's a lot of Allred's. Ahem, Silver Surfer is back on our planet which in case you didn't know, is Earth. Glad to clear that up. Since the Surfer saves all of our culture and whatnot from his own people of Zenn La, the people of Earth can't help but love him and no doubt throw rose petals at his feet. Shit, let me be the first to say thanks for saving my cats, fam.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Comics Rant: Mighty Thor #9

Mighty Thor #9
Written by Jason Aaron
Drawn by Russell Dauterman
Colored by Mathew Wilson

Thor and Roz Solomon team up. But hell, if you've been reading this book since day one you already knew that was going to happen, but it's still a fun tale. Lady Freyja is dying and it's all Loki's fault, but if you let him tell it, he's been really trying to save her. Boy, he's been using that same old song and dance since back in the day when Stan Lee wrote the title and was straight up snitching on Thor to Odin. Real talk, look it up.

But back to the Thor and Roz Soloon team up, Roz wants Thor to help save Darrio Agger. Normally,  they'd just let him be killed by his business partners whom he double crossed last issue. But they have to save him after learning of the Agger Initiative. What's that you might ask? Well, if Darrio Agger ever were to end up dead, Roxxon Island, which floats over NYC would explode and destroy the city.