Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Comics Rant: Daredevil #10

Daredevil #10
Written by Charles Soule
Drawn by Ron Garney
Colored by Matt Milla

Murder she wrote. Well, maybe just some excitement for this issue of the Man without Fear. Once again a friend of ol' hornhead gets into some jam (not the grape type) and he's got to bail him out. Blindspot, who's been teaming up with Daredevil since the brand spanking new Daredevil reboot, has gotten a job working for Matt Murdock at the NYC DA's office.

Blindspot got his ass handed to him a few issues ago. Blindspot tried to get in between Daredevil and Elektra and she
wasn't having any of it and broke his arm. Hey, she is a master assassin. Provided she stays away from dudes named Bullseye. (HIYO!) But Blindspot heals and wants to go out on patrol which DD is fine with. He'll have to go it alone though, Matt Murdock has to work.

Since Matt isn't running his own firm he can't just walk out on a case. He's on Uncle Sam's dime now. But after Blindspot gets a letter in the mail to go investigate a crime scene, he's horrified by what he finds. So much so that he quickly phones DD forcing him to leave work and help out. Hmm, got to remember to use that as an excuse the next time I need to leave work early.

Me: "Hey! Boss! I gotta leave work early."

Boss: "Why?!?"

Me: "My sidekick found a dead body without me. Oh and empty my wastebasket, pal!"

Somehow I don't see that shit flying at my job. Huh. Maybe if I say it with lots of conviction. I bet that's the key. Daredevil meets up with Blindspot and they find the dead body that Blindspot was talking about but they also find a mural. Shitty art is bad but this is even worse because it was painted in blood..... human blood. Now that I think about it, animal blood is just as bad, fam. Blindspot is freaked out, think of it as the same feeling you get when trying to read Silence of the Lambs. Very unsettling. DD takes it all in stride, it ain't nothing he hasn't seen before, but he feels like it's a message here that he's not getting. Until next issue. Which I won't buy.

I didn't really enjoy reading this. Okay that's a lie. The beginning was great then it all just fell about. I have no connection to Blindspot. I care not for his adventures and, holy shit, does he feel out of place in this DD title. The story feels lacking but give the devil his due (pun) to Ron Garney for knocking it out of the park with the art. I just hope he gets to illustrate Daredevil in the classic red PJ's in the near future.

-Tash Moore

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