Sunday, September 4, 2016

Comics Rant: Daredevil #9

Daredevil #9
Written by Charles Soule
Drawn by Goran Sudzuka
Colored by Matt Milla

Wearing a black costume can make you go mad. Just ask Spider-Man as he shows up here to team up with Daredevil. What could make the two street level heroes of the Marvel U. team up this month? Why, Daredevil placed a phone call to our web swinger. Really, folks, it's that easy. Daredevil wants Spider-Man's help to steal a very valuable briefcase at the fancy hotel that he's been staying at for the last few days.

DD and Spidey attack the penthouse and the one guy who's job it is to hold on to the briefcase actually manages to get away but our heroes are hot on his tail. With a guy that moves that fast he must do cross fit..... clearly.

Then DD gets ticked off that the case and the guy carrying it has boarded a boat and is on his way to Hong Kong, which Daredevil points out they'll end up losing the guy in the city. But fear not, since Spidey is all rich and inventive now (Iron Man?) he was able to throw a spider tracer on the case. Plus, the cool new spider tracer can mimic the same color and the item that it's attached to. Zing.

Since they're the heroes, Spidey and DD get the case back and kick ass in the process. Good for them. Spider-Man asks Daredevil what he needs the case for and then DD flips out and tries to steal the case from Spider-Man. But Spidey isn't having any of that.

After a few minutes of back and forth, Daredevil finally spills the beans about what's inside it. It's paperwork that could bring down the Black Cat and Kingpin and all the other heavy hitters that roam the dark underbelly of NYC in the Marvel U. The Man Without Fear wants to use that info along with his new job as an assistant D.A. to strike at them. Spidey finally caves and hands over the case. This was a much better issue, and Charles Soule is finding his ground with DD. This was better than the first story with Tenfingers. Plus, Goran Sudzuka has come into his own as an artist. I remember seeing his work on Wonder Woman and thinking he was trying to ape the art of the series artist and wasn't digging it. Here he seems to let caution to the wind and just did it his way. Kudos, fam.

-Tash Moore

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