Sunday, September 11, 2016

Comics Rant: Mighty Thor #10

Mighty Thor #10
Written by Jason Aaron
Drawn by Russell Dauterman
Colored by Mathew Wilson

So.... many... plot threads.... in this issue of the Mighty Thor. We get a team up with Thor (Jane Foster) and Roz Solomon trying to stop the Agger Imperative. If you didn't read last issue or my rant for that matter, you may not know what the hell is going on. Darrio Agger, CEO of Roxxon has been taken hostage by the Silver Samurai (the son, not the kick ass original) in order to gain control of Roxxon. But if you know Agger, he ain't having none of that.

Instead of taking over Wall Street, Agger would be happy
to blow it up. By completely crashing the floating Roxxon Island right into it. Sounds like Agger went to the Dr. Doom school of villainy. Truly. But Roz and Thor play the old Marvel Team Up game to try to stop that from happening. Well, just in case you forgot they were the good guys here.

Roz Solomon calls her homies at SHIELD for some backup which they quickly hit the scene, but not for the reasons you think. Thor sends Roz to rescue Agger while Thor has to hold back a horde of Mindless Ones, (look 'em up) and Roxxon guards who have been given the powers of the Hulk. Which when you read it, is pretty damn cool. Money well spent there, Darrio. Clearly.

What takes the cake is that the SHIELD agents arrive but it ain't for back up. Oh no, it's so they can arrest Thor because they've put the pieces of the puzzle together that she's Jane Foster! Uh oh! That's when you think the shit has hit the fan, well, not to mention that Roz was just in a shootout to rescue Darrio Agger then he finally breaks free of his constrains to turn into that giant troll he can turn into.

So yes, with all this shit going on, the SHIELD wants to arrest Thor... good job there guys. But one of the bad guys shoots a gun with a golden bullet.Which kills its target and turns them into a solid gold statue. It's meant for Agger, but as luck would have it, it catches Thor in the hand. But just then Jane Foster shows up to help Thor. Wait, what???? Looks like bait and switch, but I'm guessing magic helped make this cover up possible. So maybe Jane Foster/Thor is in the clear..... for now.  Action packed and full of drama, what more could you want?

-Tash Moore

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