Friday, September 2, 2016

Comics Rant: Mighty Thor #9

Mighty Thor #9
Written by Jason Aaron
Drawn by Russell Dauterman
Colored by Mathew Wilson

Thor and Roz Solomon team up. But hell, if you've been reading this book since day one you already knew that was going to happen, but it's still a fun tale. Lady Freyja is dying and it's all Loki's fault, but if you let him tell it, he's been really trying to save her. Boy, he's been using that same old song and dance since back in the day when Stan Lee wrote the title and was straight up snitching on Thor to Odin. Real talk, look it up.

But back to the Thor and Roz Soloon team up, Roz wants Thor to help save Darrio Agger. Normally,  they'd just let him be killed by his business partners whom he double crossed last issue. But they have to save him after learning of the Agger Initiative. What's that you might ask? Well, if Darrio Agger ever were to end up dead, Roxxon Island, which floats over NYC would explode and destroy the city.

Seems like Agger has a god complex.  If he can't rule Wall Street, he's gonna just blow it up. Dr. Doom would be proud. Thor heads off to look for Agger but runs into the new Silver Samurai, who's not as cool as the original. Sure the armor might be slimmer but where's the love, man.

Russell Dauterman does a really great job in this issue with the fighting between the two. Hammer vs. Sword. I mean, really who hasn't wanted to see this go down. It's metal on metal action so to speak. Hey, those bumbling Agents of Shield are back and they are following up on their lead that Jane Foster is the new Thor so they go and search her place back in Asgardia. Those two goobers are starting to get dangerously close to putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Colored me surprised..... and brown.

Now, the bomb that is on Roxxon Island is set to go off and Thor has to find away to stop the Silver Samurai Jr. and save Darrio Agger's ass (rump?). Which is a total 180 from her wanting to kill him since, you know, he was the one who messed up Broxton, Oklahoma back when the whole reboot every other day thing wasn't as fashionable. But this is where the tale has taken us. I like the turn about and would like more of Thor vs the second Silver Samurai. So I'll be back to tell you how it all turns out, that or your cheap ass could just buy the book, either way I'm cool with it.

-Tash Moore  

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