Friday, September 9, 2016

Comics Rant: Nightwing #2

Nightwing #2
Written by Tim Seeley
Drawn by Javier Fernandez
Colored by Chris Sotomayor

Nightwing and his lies to be a part of the new Court of Owls continues here. The Owls have Nightwing working for them and since they feel he isn't bad enough, they make him team up with another costumed weirdo in their employ, Raptor. Well, that name ain't winning any originality awards. Or, hell, maybe it is, but we got a team up comic to talk about here. Nightwing and Raptor board his flying drone looking plane to infiltrate (great word) a Kobra tanker.

The Court of Owls wants this stopped and want what's on the tanker.
While swimming from Raptor's plane that also floats (don't they all?), our heroes encounter a snake/man. No doubt from the DNA splicing done by our lovely friends over at Kobra. I mean, hey those guys are a cult. It's what they do. Well, that and send people to your home to knock on the damn door, asking for donations.

So after getting on board Nightwing runs off on his own to gather info about just what the hell the Court of Owls wants with this crummy tanker. After beating up a large woman who's carrying a snake woman/baby inside of her, with help from Raptor, Nightwing has his answer and boy is it shocking!

The raw material on the ship being used from Kobra experiments are people! Refugees to be exact, from all over the globe. But the Court of Owls wants them instead. No, not for anything noble. They are looking to build a new Owl City (stupid ass name) with the refugess as slaves to build it! Nightwing was thinking that he'd save the people but decided to let them become slaves. I know Nightwing is doing this to gain more trust from the Court but damn, this is some awful shit. Batman would not approve.

The issue ends with Raptor telling Nightwing that he knows it's all a show to bring down the new Court of Owls and, just like him, he knows how to play the long game. Maybe Raptor isn't on the wrong side here, or who knows, he could be a double agent. Oh and Nightwing had a date set up with Batgirl, cuz the offices at DC decreed it. But Nightwing decides it better to go down the rabbit hole with Raptor than get to Japan for a dinner date with Babs. Hey, Dick is just like Batman, rather jump around in spandex than talk to the ladies. I'm sensing a pattern here! Really like how series artist Javier Fernandez draws Nightwing. He's fit but thankfully not overtly muscular. It's hard to jump around from the shadows when you're built like Brock Lesnar. Just saying.

-Tash Moore

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