Saturday, September 3, 2016

Comics Rant: Silver Surfer #5

Silver Surfer #5
Written by Dan Slott & Michael Allred
Drawn by Michael Allred
Colored by Laura Allred

Man, that's a lot of Allred's. Ahem, Silver Surfer is back on our planet which in case you didn't know, is Earth. Glad to clear that up. Since the Surfer saves all of our culture and whatnot from his own people of Zenn La, the people of Earth can't help but love him and no doubt throw rose petals at his feet. Shit, let me be the first to say thanks for saving my cats, fam.

After a day of catching a game at Yankee Stadium and going to see Hamilton on Broadway, the Silver Surfer is tired of all the adulation. Huh. He'd never make it as a celebrity on this planet. So Surfer and Dawn go back to Anchor Bay to to relax away from people wanting autographs and all that jazz.

Back at the Greenwood home/hotel or inn or whatever it is, because the Surfer is super over, they are able to book the inn out with a waiting list that goes on for about five years. That's a while to wait, but still nowhere as long as having to wait to try and get season tickets to the Green Bay Packers. Dawn's sister is there along with her husband, whom I'm thinking this is the first time we get to see in the book. Well, he lends the Silver Surfer some clothes because once he silvers down, he's pretty much naked. With his home planet of Zenn La now gone, so is their culture and Silver Surfer's clothes. Yup, that's how the universe works, folks. Props to the Allred's for turning the Silver Surfer into a dude who rocks a beanie.

Our hero is feeling a bit down because Zenn La is gone, so naturally, Dawn comes to his aid to cheer him up. She talks about her mother and how she just up and bolted on her family to see the world. Which is a kinda heel thing to do. So the Surfer wants to return the favor and with some hair he takes of Dawn's mother from her hair brush, (don't ask) he takes Dawn to San Fransisco and boom, to her mother who abandoned her. Talk about a follow up issue you gotta check out. I mean, is that the right thing to do, since, Surfer is still new to Earth and that some people just move on. Only time will tell, and I'll be back in 30 days with the low down.

-Tash Moore

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