Thursday, September 15, 2016

Comics Rant: Superman #4

Superman #4
Written by Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Penciled by Patrick Gleason
Inked by Mick Gray
Colored by John Kalisz

Man, they really should take to calling this the Superman Team Up. I mean, Marvel had that Spider-Man Team Up title and that made money. Money you can take to the bank, the money bank. Wait, I'm getting lost here. So Superman and his son are fighting with the Eradicator in the good ol' Fortress of Solitude. Shouldn't that be a place for rest and football?

The Eradicator wants to change Supes Jr.
on a genetic level, seeing as how he's half human. According to the Eradicator that shit just won't fly. Someone really needs to tell him that "Separate but Equal" don't fly in this country, pal. Back in Metropolis over at Bibbo's bar, the fight somehow winds up there. Strange how Superman and co. Find themselves at Superman's #1 fans' bar. Huh. Almost as if it was written that way. Go figure.

Superman and Superman Jr. take turns punching and using heat vision on Eradicator, but Superman keeps somewhat at bay. He is the hero and he still has Lois, his wife, to protect. There's also this rock that has Kryptonite that is weakening the two Supermen. As luck (and plot) would have it, Bibbo tosses it away and Supermen's double punch breaks up Eradicator, sending all the Kryptonian souls in him to break free and and send him falling to the ocean.

Or maybe not. Superman grabs his kid and Lois and then flies away toward to the moon. This felt like a jumbled mess to be honest. It had good action but you just wondered, why the hell did they have to leave the Fortress. The art is the saving grace here. I was a fan of Pat Gleason when he was drawing the Batman and Robin title. Go check out the story he drew when Bats went up against Irish gangsters and Two Face. It's worth shelling the 15 bucks out for here, but all in all I give this Superman title only one thumb up.

-Tash Moore  

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