Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Comics Rant: Amazing Spider-Man #17

Amazing Spider-Man #17
Written by Dan Slott
Penciled by R.B. Silva
Inked by Adriano Di Benedetto
Colored by Marte Gracia

For those of you who are taking the train to New York Comic Con as I type this, I can honestly say, I don't envy you. After six years of going to that thing I'm more than happy to stay home and wear loose fitting clothing. Hell, that's the American Dream, but if you are there, stay safe, gang. Hey, look, R.B. Silva is drawing this issue of Amazing Spider-Man. About time, too. When he was drawing the backups in Action Comics years ago, I was openly asking when Marvel would snap this guy up.

The Jackal is back and he's brought Electro's bad guy loving girlfriend back to life. Well, if you call being a clone of the original back to life, hats off to you. Jackel and home girl try to give the old Electro his powers back, but since Peter Parker turned them off, I guess the change to normal is there to stay. Since Electro's girlfriend (her name is Francine) was cloned from when she had some of his power in her DNA, she gets his power transferred to her. So yeah, she's the new Electro. I'm okay with it. See, Slott is just like Geoff Johns, he can take an established character and turn it on its ear and fans can get behind it.

Hobie Brown aka the Prowler is doing his part time gig as West Coast Spider-Man, saving people and whatnot. Pretty sweet gig, if you can find it. Well maybe not. Hobie's shift is coming to an end when Peter calls him up and wants him to put in some of that sweet, sweet overtime. Pete wants Hobie to look into New U which we all know is the medical front of the Jackal. Hobie switches to his Prowler duds and takes off to check it out, against his better judgment.

Prowler breaks into New U's headquarters and once his webware goes down, he knows he's hit pay dirt. Of course, Hobie gets discovered by Jackal and Electro to the second power and Prowler tries to get away to warn Peter about this new turn of events, but he tries to use his webshooters and gets shocked to death by Electro. Bummer. His clone wakes up and is now aligned with the Jackal. Hobie lies and tells Peter Parker that New U is the second coming of the Beetles. They ain't.

Great issue. We get a new villain and plot twist that clearly only the writer could see coming. Well, because you know, he wrote it. Great direction by Slott and I'd really love for R.B. Silva to become the permanent ASM artist. I mean, this guy was born to draw the Webhead. Thumbs up.

-Tash Moore

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