Thursday, October 6, 2016

Comics Rant: Black Widow #6

Black Widow #6
Story by Mark Waid & Chris Samnee
Drawn by Chris Samnee
Colored by Matthew Wilson

Waid and Samnee continue what must be a highwater mark for modern comics, rivaled by only Amazing Spider-Man. Black Widow is noir along with classic storytelling sensibility, oh and look at that, a letter page, shit, you don't see that anymore. Now it's all just ads for other comics you won't buy. I'm looking at you, DC.

This time, Black Widow is injured
from her battles last issue and speaking to someone over the phone. This allows Iron Man to track her down. In Paris, France no less, oh you rich super heroes you. Iron Man is investigating if Widow had anything to do with the kidnapping of Ho Yinssen. No, he's not the director of all those ass awful 80's-90's martial arts films, but the guy who was captured by a terror sympathizer and forced to make weapons alongside Tony Stark, leading him to create the very first Iron Man armor. If that was a mouthful just go back and watch your Iron Man blue ray. You know you still have that, which is a great film and the Iron Man 2 Blu Ray you still try nightly to convince yourself was a great film.

Back to the rant. Iron Man shows up and asks Black Widow if what he's hearing has any truth to it. She's all beaten up and thinks it best if they could go speak off the streets at a Stark Facility in the area. Which, you know, since Tony is still rich he clearly has a few of those lying around.

You'd think Tony, being one of the brightest minds in the Marvel U., would know that something foul was going on, but since he's clearly taken by Widow's charm she kicks his ass with a well timed Widow's bite to take him down. But since they go way back, it isn't lethal. Knownumsayin?

Black Widow didn't really want to shoot the shit with Iron Man, she wanted access to his computer. When she was kidnapped in issue #2 she was being held at a site that had Stark shipping crates and memorized the labels. With that info, she can track where she was held and find the hulking Weeping Lion and kick his ass. But this is where the swerve comes in. The hulking brute from the first few issues isn't really the Weeping Lion. It's some skinny kid.

A skinny kid who's also a telepath. He says he collects secrets to weaponize them and make people do his bidding. He gives Natasha the whole speech how she now works for him. But info on Weeping Lion's location isn't all she stole from Iron Man, she also took an inner ear device to shield her mind from telepathy. With Weeping Lion's powers neutralized she starts to kick his ass and turns the table saying he works for her now! Grrrl power! Great issue and pacing and hell just go buy the book, you won't be disappointed.

-Tash Moore

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