Sunday, October 23, 2016

Comics Rant: Doctor Strange #10

Doctor Strange #10
Written by Jason Aaron
Penciled by Chris Bachalo
Inked by Tim Townsend, John Livesay, Victor Olazaba, Al Vey, Jaime Mendoza & Wayne Faucher
Colored by Chris Bachalo & Rain Beredo

Damn, once I stop buying this book I can stop with typing so many damn inkers names. I've said it once and man, I'll say it again. That's a lot of fucking inkers. This issue of Doctor Strange ends with the "Last Days of Magic" story, soon to be collected into a trade paperback and will be over priced than buying the damn single issues. Ahem.

Like most of my favorite funny books, just as the leader of the Empirikul's leader, the Imperator, is about to end all magic on earth by, what else,
killing Doctor Strange, he gets a reprieve. During all those times that Dr. Strange saved the universe and was close to death, he along with Wong transferred his pain to a being that was kept locked in his basement. No, it was not the Gimp.

Thelma Stanton and Wong try to help our hero by transferring his current pain to themselves and to other people all over the Earth that Doctor Strange had saved or come in contract with over his run in the Marvel U. Hell, even the form that had absorbed his pain over the years joins with Strange to kick the Imperator's ass. Hey, if anyone is going to kill Doctor Strange, it's gonna be him. Sounds fair.

Scarlet Witch and the other magic based heroes of the Marvel U. are holding off the Emirikul's storm troopers. Doctor Strange takes down the Imperator. Then, Dr. Strange's pain makes off, setting himself up as a new advisory down the road, kinda like pro wrestling booking. But even with the win, all the magic is still going, much to the chagrin of our hero.

Good story, but once again, the art was hard to follow and the panels toward the end looked a bit rushed. Won't be buying this title again, but it was nice to see a Marvel story that didn't feel like it was once again in it's own pocket universe of Marvel. Some ups and downs but one thumb up, fam.

-Tash Moore

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