Sunday, October 30, 2016

Comics Rant: Silver Surfer #6

Silver Surfer #6
Story by Dan Slott & Michael Allred
Drawn by Michael Allred
Colored by Laura Allred

In what would have been the 200th issue of the Silver Surfer (if we didn't get all these damn reboots) we get not only a double sized issue, but the Amazing Spider-Man guest starring here, as well. That never gets old, right? Well, no, because Dan Slott is writing it and that's totally fine with me. Last issue, Surfer took Dawn to see her mother who abandoned her and her family. Huh. Who knew the power cosmic could be used as a substitute for Google.

Dawn's mom turns out to be a painter and didn't really want to be a mom, so she bolted first chance she could get. Spider-Man plays a hand here. He's also in San Fransisco, where Dawn's mom has taken residence. There are, also, some creatures that have come from the bottom of the ocean that can take the form of anything that you fear the most. They were awoken when Surfer used his life force as well as the Power Cosmic to repel the attack of his fellow

One attacks Pete at Horizon University as it took the form of the Green Goblin as Dawn is explaining her time traveling with the Silver Surfer, which seems to be the only thing her mom seems to be interested in hearing from her. Yes, I know, her mom seems like a real bitch. At the same time, Surfer waits for Dawn he gets attacked by his old enemies. He and Spider-Man do the Marvel team up thing and figure out that these things are hungry and trying to feed on the Silver Surfer. The funniest part is when Spidey tries to tell the Surfer that he once beat Firelord, to which Surfer dismisses as a joke. Funny enough, I would too, if I didn't have that issue. (Awesome art by Ron Frenz, y'all.)

Just as the monsters are getting the best of our heroes, Dawn rushes out to help and she gets attacked. She's key to the plot here, too. She tells the Silver Surfer that he needs to silver down to stop the creepy crawlers to fall back, but as fate would have it, she gets attacked and has tons of blood taken from her and is in need of a transfusion, ASAP.

Dawn's mom slinks away, not deciding to get involved and all that. Surfer gets Dawn back home to Anchor Bay where her sister donates the blood needed to save her life. After all this Dawn wants to just get away so she and Surfer just leave, yet again for the stars. What else could you say about this issue. Moving and often thought provoking, no wonder it won an Eisner. Well deserved, gang.

-Tash Moore

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