Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Comics Rant: Amazing Spider-Man #18

Amazing Spider-Man #18
Written by Dan Slott
Penciled by R.B. Silva
Inked by Adriano Di Benedetto
Colored by Marte Gracia

This issue of ASM has the return of our good old pal, Doctor Octopus. Well, okay, I guess we can really say that it's a semi return, 'cause he doesn't have a real body here, yet. Doc Ock is still stuck inside the shell of the Living Brain. He desperately wants to get out. First he attempts to steal the body of Ana Maria's new lover, Blain. But, since he can only transfer his mind into either his own body or that of Peter Parker's, that plan ain't going anywhere.

There was a funny scene where Ock wants Blain
to get to steppin' so instead of killing him, he just gets the guy a ton of job offers he can't possibly refuse. Well, that's one way to skin a cat. So Doc tells a little white lie to have Ana Maria and himself fly across the Atlantic to NYC to meet up with Parker to steal his body.

As in total comic book fashion, the plan can't help but go completely wrong. When Pete makes some off hand comments to Living Brain about how Doc Ock wasn't really all that "Superior" it sends Doc Ock off the deep end. So much that Pete tosses on his Spidey duds and, with help from Ana Maria, tries to hit the Living Brain's shut down codes.

Surprise comes in the form of the Living Brain changing his shut down code to be his new self-destruction code. If only real life was like that. Zing. Ana Maria wants Peter to rebuild LB but Pete is all like "No way, Jose." Not what he really said but if he did could we really blame him? But this isn't the end because Ock has all the data on the New U tech and you can guess he'll go looking for the Jackal. And with that, a new clone body of Peter Parker's to get his revenge. I loved this issue of Amazing Spider-Man. While it was more story than action, it had great pacing and never felt dull. Slott always finds ways to tie every aspect of the Wall Crawlers past to forge a creative new future. Even stories once reviled like the Clone Saga. Kudos.

-Tash Moore

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