Friday, November 25, 2016

Comics. Rant: Black Widow #7

Black Widow #7
Written by Mark Waid
Drawn by Chris Samnee
Colored by Matthew Wilson

More Black Widow revised origin going on here. Plus did you see the huge ass #1 Marvel tossed on the cover? They were so doing that to make people think this was a new #1 issue, but it ain't. How about a little truth in advertising. Huh? Not gonna happen you say? Okay then. Black Widow and the real Weeping Lion have teamed up. Well, more like Black Widow is forcing him to help her or she'll kill his ass. So yeah.
Sounds like a fair trade off.

Yeah, Weeping Lion is really just a skinny kid with telepathic abilities. But we get a flashback to Black Widow in her old Red Room days as a tiny assassin killing for the Russians. We get to see that tiny Natasha murdered the Weeping Lion's uncle and cousin, while he slept in the back seat of the car. Brutal.

This is some dark stuff here. It gives a great deal of backstory that fleshes out more of the Weeping Lion and what his motives are and adds that little shade of grey to Black Widow. Weeping Lion uses his telepathic powers to find the new Red Room and the Headmistress and her daughter slash bodyguard, Recluse. Black Widow can't stop the Headmistress from killing herself, nor can she find out where the new Red Room recruits are but, there is a consolation prize. Widow gets to mouth off and belittle Recluse!

That's the way to win a battle. Talking! Hey, if Spider-Man can get away with it, I'm sure the editors over at the house of ideas could let this slide. Just this once. Weeping Lion is able to gather a few shards of information from the dead Headmistress and they're off to stop the Red Room assassins. Well, as always Mark Waid and Chris Sanmee use a minimal amount of dialogue and deep blacks to get their tale across. In reality, it's exactly what you'd want when you tell a story that involves Spies and espionage. This book is always fun to read, which is high praise to the creative team. The work they did on Daredevil made me know I just HAD to buy this book and it's worth the cost. Buy the single issues or buy the trades, either way you should buy it.

-Tash Moore

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