Sunday, November 6, 2016

Comics Rant: Daredevil #11

Daredevil #11
Written by Charles Soule
Drawn by Ron Garney
Colored by Matt Milla

While you can say that Daredevil is on a brand new path, I have to say that well, this doesn't really feel like a Daredevil book. It feels very much like writer Charles Soule would have a much better sell if this was a Batman title. Just my opinion, gang. Now I know that Daredevil has been very much a noir type book ever since the Frank Miller era, with a few light hearted stints in between but now it's gone far out there.

Ol' Hornhead is investigating a sting of murders that have resulted in a crazy (but cool looking) mural. But it ain't just any mural, it's made out of human blood. Blood of people who have recently gone missing in Hell's Kitchen. The Warehouse where the mural was left is being opened to the public. We all know it's bad taste but hey, people love to flock to controversy. The Speaker of the NYC Council wants this thing shut down.

So it's only natural that she gets her new lapdog, Matt Murdock, to find a way to close it down.  Matt's boss knows that he's been passing the buck with his caseload at work, so this is more or less his way to redeem himself. But of course things can't be simple. Someone is also killing people who have been exposed by the Terrigen Cloud.

Just as Matt goes to issue his injunction to shut down the macabre art show, someone breaks in and destroys the thing, leaving the owner of the building upset that he can't profit from it, but fuck him. Matt is inclined to just go home and pass it off as if he did his job, but gets a call to come uptown with yet another problem with a murder scene to investigate.

DD and the cops stumbles upon a crime scene where the killer thinks he's an artist as he's assembled the bodies of his Inhuman victims in everyday poses. Strangely like action figures. But while everyone is standing about being either terrified and strangely in awe, Matt hears someone trying to escapes from the scene. Matt slips out and tosses his DD duds on and catches the killer. He seems Inhuman and asks Daredevil if he enjoyed his work of art. Creepy. Not great and not bad. It was somewhere in the middle, I liked the art killer angle but parts of it didn't feel like it was going anywhere. (Much like this rant.) Plus I'm starting to turn on this new Daredevil outfit. Quick, they better bring back Hellspawn to boost sales. Don't know who he is? Look him up.

-Tash Moore

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