Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Comics Rant: Mighty Thor #11

Mighty Thor #11
Written by Jason Aaron
Drawn by Russell Dauterman
Colored by Matthew Wilson

I'm back. After this whirlwind that has ended up being the the 2016 Presidential Election, I can safely go back to reading and then making complete and total fun of comics. Well, to be honest I'm late with rants because I started reading about President Grant. Respect. I also say, that for the good of our nation, you head by Harlem and check out his tomb. Forget NYCC, this is the real fun, right on up to the point where you get mugged. Hey, I never said I could guarantee your safety.

Wait, what the hell was I talking about again? Yeah, I read Thor #11. Today. And yes, it was good. Like Wolverine and the X-Men good. Been awhile since we could all say that. Thor is aboard the floating Roxxon island and because the new Silver Samurai has captured Darrio Agger and is going to kill him, this would cause the large island to fall to NYC and you know, kill everyone in NYC. Not good, this I know.

Thankfully, Thor and Roz Solomon are there to intervene. Thor is also being tailed by those two moronic SHIELD agents who put two and two together and think they know Jane Foster and the new Thor are one and the same. But not so fast, last issue Thor was shot with a golden bullet.
Which has got be expensive! Just then Jane Foster shows up to pull the bullet out. Wait what!?!

Jane Foster pulls the bullet out and it causes the whole damn island to become gold. The more I think about it if Roxxon goes on to sell that island it would flood the market and bring down the price of gold. Just saying. Roz Solomon could have averted this but Silver Samurai knocks Agger out before he can shut down the countdown to crash the floating island.

Good thing Thor is the hero of this story. Thor is able to use that incredible strength of hers to lower the island. Well, that and the tip of the Empire State Building. At least it's good for something. Agger and Samurai go to jail, well, for now, until they both can be sprung by their lawyers.

The ending was good. We learned that the hammer was impersonating Jane Foster the whole time. Jane Foster reveals to Roz that she's the new Thor, since Roz has always had her back. Sounds about right to me. I didn't know that the Hammer could turn into other people. But in issue #12 we get the secret origin of Mjolnir. Good issue. Dauterman and Wilson are quickly becoming one of those classic artist teams. But much like Kelley Jones and John Beatty, they are really underrated and may not get the respect they are due. But my thumb is up.

-Tash Moore

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