Saturday, November 26, 2016

Comics Rant: Silver Surfer #7

Silver Surfer #7
Story by Dan Slott & Michael Allred
Drawn by Michael Allred
Colored by Laura Allred

Damn, could this book get any better. Yes. Yes it can. Much like how Doug Moench and Kelley Jones redefined Batman in the mid 1990's, the marriage of Slott and the Allred's have made Silver Surfer the most off beat and quirky titles in the Marvel U. While it isn't your normal superhero fair, it's one of the best things going on in comics.

Surfer and Dawn Greenwood are taking it easy since all the craziness of last issue. They go to a planet with bouncy balls, and a planet with fluffy rabbits, cat, dog hybrids. Not gonna lie, I want to go to this planet. ASAP. Dawn notices that Silver
Surfer is only taking her to safe, fun places and wants to try something more edgier. So, they go to the Cosmic Casino. Only Dan Slott could come up with a strange place like this. Expect Jason Aaron to use this idea in a mini series soon.

The owner of the casino is the Grandmaster. He allows our heroes a small line of credit and then gives them free booze to get them to gamble. Huh. You sure this guy didn't team up with Trump to bring us the shit hole that is Atlantic City? Who knows. After getting in too deep, Surfer runs into the Grandmaster. By getting in too deep, Surfer looses his colors, (He's gold now) and his and Dawn's ability to see red and use the letter B. Almost like a gang member wrote this month's issue.

The Grandmaster (Flash??? That's early Hip Hop for you youngin's) comes on by and wants to make a bet with Surfer. Norrin is okay with this, because he's got to win back his board, Toomie. Booze will make you do silly shit like wager your best pal. Surfer decides that Poker is the best game to play the Grandmaster at. He can't loose because, shit, the Thing taught him how to play.

Surfer and Grandmaster keep ante upping each other, with Surfer throwing in his Power Cosmic and, hell, even Dawn herself! But Silver Surfer wins by betting Grandmaster that if he loses the hand, he'll never gamble again. Grandmaster ain't having any of that and folds. Surfer and Dawn fly off, learning their lesson. This is just a stunning comic book. I know there are a ton of mainstream comics out there, but in my opinion this is very much the cream of the crop.

-Tash Moore

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