Sunday, November 13, 2016

Comics Rant: Superman #7

Superman #7
Story by Peter J.Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Drawn by Jorge Jimenez
Colored by Alejandro Sanchez

No idea where they found artist Jorge Jimenez but man, he kicked all types of ass with this fill in issue. Since Patrick Gleason is the regular artist on this book and it's very much a twice a month, he'll have to spilt art chores with someone. Think when Greg Land did that with Terry Dodson on Uncanny X-Men. Except, you know, the guys over here on this comic has what's that thing? Talent. Yeah, that's it.

Superman is helping out his pals in the Justice League. Aqua man, Flash, and Wonder Woman are all like "Thanks, Fam" but you know Batman by now. He clearly can't stand having help from Superman. After over seventy years of publication you can always count on Batman to be a total dick. Fair enough.

But in between seeing Superman and back in the DCU, Superman decides that seeing as how it's the last night of the Hamilton County Fair, he can take the night off as the Man of Steel and take his wife, Lois, and son, Jon, to check it out. I mean, it's not like anybody can get on Supes' cape for taking a night off. He clearly has a good union rep.

But of course Superman can't just have a night to his family. He's got to help Lois get a job with the city paper, the Hamilton Horn. Then, when his son wants to grab food, because we all know that kids are always hungry, he runs off to foil a bunch of punk kids from stealing all the money from the ticket booth. That's Superman for ya, taking time out of his busy schedule to help us lowly humans. Nice.

Supes then jumped on the roller coaster with the fam to close out the night. Oh and there are fireworks. I mean, what county fair could be complete without fireworks? I know, don't answer that question. This was Superman and his family and you can't really fault that, plus the art is awesome as shit. Superman isn't overly bulky but a very believable frame and look. With this look, you can totally get the feel that a dude that huge could hide in plain sight.

-Tash Moore

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