Friday, December 2, 2016

Comics Rant: Amazing Spider-Man #19

Amazing Spider-Man #19
Written by Dan Slott
Penciled by Giuseppe Camuncoli
Inked by Cam Smith
Colored by Jason Keith

More clones than you can shake a stick at! Jay Jameson is sick and dying, but only NEW U tech, which we all now know is really just a front for the Jackal, can save him. Man, that guy just can't stay dead. But it's Dan Slott, so can we really complain? No. I guess we can't. But in typical Spider-Man/ Parker luck fashion our hero just can't get right.

Aunt May knows that something is killing her new husband, but Peter doesn't want to use the NEW U procedure because when his own
employee got it, it made his Spider-Sense go out to 11. Out of 10. Which is a lot. J. Jonah Jameson and Aunt May are trying to force Peter to convince Jay, this is the right thing, but like most old people, Jay will only agree to do it if Peter tells him it's a good idea.

Jay figures that he's at the end so he asks Peter to go back to his place and get this old antique clock that his dad had brought over from Ireland to give to JJJ. Of course, Peter goes but on the way back gets caught up in Spider-Man stuff. Which involves saving stupid ass people from the most outlandish situations. It is the Marvel U, so people just happen to be put in perilous situations. I call it the Stan Lee effect.

To drive home that NEW U is up to the task, the Jackal has Marla Jameson, the clone of JJJ's ex wife to call up and have her tell JJJ that it's in his and his father's best interest to get Peter to agree to the NEW U technique. While saving the sky scraper workers of New York, Peter drops the clock he was bringing Jay, and when he gets to the hospital, Jay has already passed away. Bummer.

But even with all that we also have a back up tale. Jackal tries to get the Kingpin to join up with him. As a gift, Jackal brings Kingpin's ex wife, Vanessa, back to life. But in typical Kingpin fashion, he kills her and tries to kill the Jackal for what he considers and affront to him. But Jackal has back up in Rhino. Before Rhino can kill Kingpin, Spider-Man swings in to muck it all up. It is his book after all. But like before, Jackal has a back up plan and Kingpin will attempt to get Spider-Man to do his bidding. Dun Dun Dun.

-Tash Moore

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