Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Comics Rant: Amazing Spider-Man #20

Amazing Spider-Man #20
Written by Dan Slott & Christos Gage
Penciled by Giuseppe Camuncoli
Inked by Cam Smith & Giuseppe Camuncoli
Colored by Jason Keith

Dock Ock is back! To say nothing of the fact that he's alive and fighting our hero. You know, the one who shoots webs. Yeah, that's right, Spider-Man. But while you are no doubt wondering how this has happened, we will get there. Well, really that's what this issue is clearly about.

Otto is dead but as always his mind was stuck somewhere else thus saving him completely. Doc Ock transferred his mind into the robotic body of the Living Brain. When they fell apart when he attacked Spider-Man back in issue #19, Ock jumped into the body of a small spider-bot and ran off to locate his body.

Doc Ock and
his Anna Maria AI go to his grave but it's missing. Which is clearly a bad thing. Doc Ock's body is being held by a Black Market dealer that was supposed to be sold to the Jackal but boy, the Jackal is cheap and isn't willing to pay the full price. What a bum. Doc Ock gets a hold of a cell phone and pretends to be the Jackal and orders his body to be flown to the NEW U center in California.

Jackal and the buyer show up and, instead of a shootout like in "Reservoir  Dogs," Jackal just thinks it over and buys the body anyway! Talk about customer service. As the Jackal is busy cloning the new body for Doc Ock, Doc sneaks his mind into the body. Turns out that since Peter Parker was the last mind inside the body, that's who will come back in the body of said clone. That really wasn't what Ock was going for so Doc Ock jumps into his mind and kills the remaining memories of Spider-Man to take control of his new clone body.

Jackal tries to bring Doc Ock into his fold as a lackey, but we all know Otto don't roll like that. Jackal tries to pull the card where if he doesn't take his pill, the body will break down after 24 hours. Otto had read Miles' work. Turns out it's just a fatal flaw in the cloning process. So Doc Ock and Jackal team up to kill and once again clone Spider-Man. This was a fun issue to read, I know I say that a lot but it was. Fast paced and a page turner. Modern comics need to follow the example of Amazing Spider-Man. For real, son.

-Tash Moore

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