Saturday, December 24, 2016

Comics Rant: Amazing Spider-Man #21

Amazing Spider-Man #21
Written by Dan Slott & Christos Gage
Penciled by Giuseppe Camuncoli
Inked by Cam Smith & Roberto Poggi
Colored by Jason Keith

So this issue of Amazing Spider-Man is more or less a Clone Conspiracy tie in. That's just fine with me! Its got Clones and guess what? The return of Kaine! Well, he's back and rocking his Scarlet Spider outfit, which to be honest, I've never been to big on. But hey, he's back, so I'm not gonna complain. Yet. Since Kaine was killed during the fight with Morlun and his family, in what was Spider-Verse, he's found a way back. He was in the form of being the other (the giant ass spider.) And with that form being killed, Kaine is back to his normal clone self.

Clone in the sense that he looks like Peter Parker but the clone Degeneration is back and in full effect. Hey, looking at the cover, doesn't Scarlet Spider's outfit look like some Old Navy Activewear? It doesn't, does it? Kaine
learns from the keeper of Loomworld, that Carrion, based off the old Spidey bad guy who worked with the Jackal back in the day. Kaine thinks this is the cause of extreme Clone Degeneration so he quarantines himself and goes to various worlds to try to find the cause and the cure.

In all the worlds that Kaine visits few of the facts are the same. But the one constant is that Parker Industries is at the basis for all this going on, as well as Miles Warren aka the Jackal is also working for Peter. Talk about a turnabout. Spider-Gwen also pops up to lend a hand to Kaine. At first, Kaine is the typical "Don't help me, save your self." But that fades when Gwen is pretty much being typical and refusing to go away. Sounds like my cats.

After visiting an Earth overrun by tons of zombies that have been created by a new strain of the Carrion Virus on that planet, they find Peter and the Jackal working on it together. Kaine and Gwen stay out of sight but run into that Earth's Kaine. Color me happy because homeboy is rocking his purple cape. Shit, if they let me, I'd wear a purple cape to work, but alas, they won't, thus totally destroying the very fabric of America. That sweet, sweet purple fabric.

Kaine and Spider-Gwen fight with that Earth's Kaine but they take his body back to Loomworld and learn that this Kaine could be the thing to help stop the virus from happening on our world, which is now the main Marvel U thanks to that dumb ass Secret War mini series a year and a half back.

Kaine and Gwen try to stop New U from working with Parker Industries. Kaine has Gwen steal the clothes of the Clone Gwen to infiltrate New U and Kaine goes off to try and save our world. Great seeing Kaine back, even if it isn't in the pages of his own book. I now kinda wish I was reading the Clone Conspiracy, but I gotta make a choice. Comics or food and well, I can't eat this issue but I think butter might be the key. Great story and serviceable art chores by Camuncoli and crew. Thumbs up, fam.

-Tash Moore

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