Thursday, December 8, 2016

Comics Rant: Superman #9

Superman #9
Written by Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Penciled by Doug Mahnke
Inked by Jaime Mendoza & Trevor Scott
Colored by Wil Quintana

Superman, Superboy, and Captain Storm (not Sue or Johnny) of the Losers team up to escape Dinosaur Island. Man, remind me to keep my ass away next time Jon Kent decides to build some shit for the school's show and tell. Some innocent people could be killed! Or at the very least, maimed. Since Storm has been stuck on Dinosaur Island since World War II, Superman tells him that the good ol' US of A won the war and made it safe for democracy. Oh and we elected Donald Trump. Which promptly makes him shoot himself. Okay, maybe not all that but hey, it could have went that way.

Nobody knows just how Captain Storm got
there, but he knows the device that transported Superman and son there, so they head off to recover it. But there's just one problem. It's in the hands of a Dinosaur Island inhabitant, which is to say it's a freaking HUGE grey gorilla. Think Gorilla Grodd on 'roids and bananas! Well, that mixed with the protein powder. (Hey, that stuff really works.)

Hey, did I mention that Captain Storm has a pet Pterodactyl? I didn't? Well, it was on the cover but still, its pretty damn awesome. Jurassic Park 5 and all that. Superman, Krypto, Superboy, and Captain Storm wage war to get the transportation device back in an attempt to get home. Lois must be worried sick. That and her roast must be burning. Superboy is pretty good at blasting down giant dinosaurs with his heat vision. Hey, even Storm and his pet dinosaur is kicking ass!

Superboy gets his transport device from a floating orb (don't ask) and Superman pulls out the eye of the gorilla for the second part of the transport delay. I call cop out! There was no mention of this from the last issue. Talk about a paper thin plot. Superman turns on the damn thing and then the whole crew makes a break, but Captain Storm stays behind! Why? Because he's a Loser, that's why. Huh. You might want to think about changing that name there buddy, not really growing on me. While it is always great to see the great Doug Mahnke (creator of The Mask!) drawing Superman, again, the twice a month issues of Superman just don't feel right. I guess I'm just knit picking here. At the end we see a mysterious figure who's lurking around Superman and son. Truth be told, I could really care less.

-Tash Moore

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