Sunday, January 1, 2017

Comics Rant: Mighty Thor #13

Mighty Thor #13
Written by Jason Aaron
Drawn by Steve Epting
Colored by Frank Martin

The bright side to all this is seeing the great Steve Epting drawing a Marvel comic. It's just too bad it isn't Captain America, but you know what? I'll take what I can get. Thor has called together the League of Realms in her battle against the evil Malekith. When a bad guy is throwing down like this and even the Mighty Thor herself needs back up, you know it's a tough road ahead.

The League of Realms here is now acting as it's own independent body and taking the war to Malekith head on and that begins with expelling
the Dark elves from Alfheim. But the League has two new members in Roz Solomon, Agent of Shield, and Angela, who now is squarely in the Marvel U. camp. I can only image that Todd McFarlane must read this comic and hope that Angela gets killed off. You know, in a vain attempt to try and buy the character back. That's not how it works, but I'm pretty damn sure that's what the Toddmeister is thinking to himself.

So yeah, Thor and the League (not of the extraordinary gentlemen type) have a plan to rescue the Light Elf queen, who is trapped in her castle by Malekith. Huh. Feels like Jason Aaron has been bit by the Mario Run bug. Think about it, princesses in castles. I mean Thor ain't a plumber but you watch, just wait until the latest retcon. They'll replace that Hammer with a plunger so fast, fam. Okay, enough of that and not just because I'm trying to pad this review out. (I am.)

Well, the League of Realms had a plan until Angela went and fucked all that up. Home girl just decided that she'd attack the castle head on but that only leads to them being weakened by black magic and allowing Malekith to launch a counter attack. No word on if this is the same type of attack Patton used to cut the Germans off during D-Day. Thor and the gang find themselves outnumbered and surrounded, face to face with a new Kurse. He is really just a new Thor bad guy. Or an old one that's ben updated. Either way, this be bad. Aaron (A-A-Ron?) always writes an incredible yarn and with Epting handling the art chores, it comes across as much more epic than it really is. His Thor kicks ass and is up there with his awesome rendition of Sharon Carter. Just outstanding stuff.

-Tash Moore

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