Monday, January 23, 2017

Comics Rant: Silver Surfer #8

Silver Surfer #8
Story & Art by Dan Slott & Michael Allred
Colored by Laura Allred

In sector gamma 9 of the universe, things just got real. Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood are flying out in the dark vacuum of space. That's how most of their tales begin, but here, they get eaten by a giant space whale named Jumbonox the Gignormous. Great name, I know. Just when things are looking bleak for the two, they find themselves in the stomach (naturally) and then are suddenly overwhelmed by Jumbonox's immune system in the form of cool looking pink antibodies. Yup, you read that right, too.

Of course, Surfer has to start blasting shit with his power cosmic, but as per the norm, Dawn calls on the Surfer to holt. Those little pink antibodies were the only things keeping a bunch of these little black specs of diseases, called the Mox-Pox, away. The Mox-Pox want to get free to kill every living thing in the universe. Dawn implores the Silver Surfer to help out and stop the Mox-Pox from escaping Jumbonix.

Since the Silver Surfer always tends to muck things up when he's just willy nilly shooting blast from his hands, you'd think that after all these years the Silver Surfer would get the hang of his powers, right?

Thankfully, Dawn is there and she stalls for time for the antibodies by telling the Mox-Pox's the tale of Tiny Harold. Who's that, you might ask. Why it's a small green alien (think the 1950's kind) whose planet was very small and saved from a comet by Dawn and the Silver Surfer during one of their far out space adventures. It was super easy for the Surfer because the planet itself was tiny, so Surfer pretty much just knocked away a small pebble.

This inspires Tiny Harold to join the team and have a bunch of adventures. I'd like to go into greater detail but that would spoil you from at some point going out there and getting your own copy. Silver Surfer, along with Amazing Spider-Man, are very much the complete comic book. This is a comic book you could give someone that had never read a comic before and get them hooked.

Speaking of getting hooked, the Mox-Pox and the Antibodies get so into the story, Dawn has to keep on telling even more stories about them and Tiny Harold. Even Jumbonix was all like, "Yo, could I here a few more tales about Tiny Harold, fam?" Trust me, he said it just like that. If you don't believe me then you'd just have to not be cheap and go buy an issue. Trust me. Surfer and Dawn then exit Jumbonix in peace and the tale itself is being told us, the reader, by the Never Queen (from issue 1) and her lover, Eternity. Which, is a nice nod to old school Marvel continuity. Silver Surfer is so good, makes you wish it was published more than once a month.

-Tash Moore

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