Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Comics Rant: Superman #11

Superman #11
Written by Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Penciled by Patrick Gleason
Inked by Mick Gray,Mark Morales & Christian Alamy
Colored by John Kalisz

More of the Supersons, and boy, I kinda have to admit, this is starting to wear a bit thin. Well, I guess to be fair this story with Robin and Superboy teaming together was only about two issues. Thankfully, Tomasi and crew didn't try to give it the Bendis treatment and stretch this shit out to 7 and a half issues. Ugh. Wait? What's that? Wizard doesn't make those 1/2 issues anymore? Or even publish its own magazine anymore. Well, color me surprised. And angry. Because I just sent my $5.99 in that little envelope for a copy of Superman #11 1/2.

Batman and Superman force their sons to team up and run trials together to see if they are both fit to be heroes. I mean, does Robin even need to do all this? Wasn't he running around with Dick Grayson when  he was Batman? Didn't he also die? Or does any of all that count anymore in this DCU. Yup. I don't care to look it up.

Robin and Superboy team up but they get attacked by the new Nobody (See Batman & Robin.) She's pretty much there to make sure they don't get away to the checkpoint that Batman has assigned them to get to. Robin outsmarts Nobody and steals her backpack and gets the map that Batman wanted her to hide from our two Supersons.

You'd get Robin being a jerk (naturally) and Superboy is pretty much a good natured door mat (naturally). Pretty much like the Batman and Superman we all know and love today. Robin and Superboy make a muck up of the BvS trials and Batman just out and out cancels them, forcing them to come back to the Batcave.

But when getting there, the Supersons find their dads being held, along with Alfred, by some weird marshmallow monster that looks like all of Batman's villains together. How convenient and lazy. Of course, Superboy and Robin work together to defeat that creamy villain and they save their dads. Who were never really in danger. It was all just an elaborate ruse to get them to put their differences aside and save they day. Just like how my dad would do. Well, that or say he's going out for milk and come back two years later. I hope that milk is still good.

All around the art is great as per usual. Patrick Gleason always knocks it out of the park with everything he does. He's like a very much toned down Ed McGuinnes. No complaints here but the story just felt so damn formulaic. Very paint by the numbers. So break out your crayons!

-Tash Moore

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