Thursday, February 16, 2017

Comics Rant: Mighty Thor #14

Mighty Thor #14
Written by Jason Aaron
Drawn by Steve Epting
Colored by Frank Martin

Well, would you look at that. A Marvel comic that is hitting into the double digits. Better not get too used to this. You just know a new #1 is hiding around the corner waiting to ruin your collecting life. But that's not the most pressing thing going on here. Malekith is still waging war with the League of Realms and Thor. Also, kicking ass on the light elves, too. Which makes him the worst because, well, he did marry their queen and become their ruler. Ouch.

Loki, Malekith, and his army have also created a new Kurse to battle Thor, which takes place in this issue. The new Kurse is an old compatriot of Malekith, who as usual, tricks her into taking over the role. Loki isn't really feeling this since that power originally came from the Beyonder and in his words, "Dispite how he dressed, that guy was not one to be messed with." True words indeed, fam.

Great action shots of the League of Realms battling Malekith's elf army. Even more so of the Thor vs. Kurse battle raging on. Gotta hand it to Jason Aaron. He's the only guy who could take something like "Dark Elves" and make them scary and you know, not laughable. Loki also looks like he may or may not be heading for a face turn. If you don't know wrestling terms, he might be turning into a good guy. Seems Loki has some plan up his sleeve to end up betraying Malekith. But we ain't there... yet.

Thor is pissed off that Kurse punched her hammer! Agent Solomon wants Angela to put on some pants. Todd McFarlane just wants unjust royalties. It's safe to say, no one is happy. Malekith ends up bringing the Light Elf realm to its knees and then blows it to holy hell (Hel?) and off the map. That, and steals the youth of the Elf Queen for himself. Hey, a guys gotta stay looking beautiful. Knowumsayin?

Loki and Malekith make their getaway with plans to attack the remaining realms and they throw the Light Elf queen off the top of the highest tower. Instead of, I don't know, shooting her point blank. Nah, that would be too easy. Instead she falls and Angela won't be able to save her in time, but in true comic fashion, Thor's hammer makes the save at the last minute while the Light Elf Realm burns around them.

So Thor (Ther) and crew didn't win. But they didn't lose. This story ain't over yet. It's not that it's dragging on and on, but the last shipping is really killing the vibe of this book. I hope Marvel can get it back on a timely shipping schedule, but I'll admit, its a damn fun read. Go check it out.

-Tash Moore

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