Thursday, March 2, 2017

Comics Rant: Amazing Spider-Man #23

Amazing Spider-Man #23
Written by Dan Slott and Christos Gage
Penciled by Giuseppe Camuncoli
Inked by Cam Smith
Colored by Jason Keith

A super entertaining issue of Amazing Spider-Man that doesn't feel like it literally reached into your pocket and took the $3.99? Well, we get that every month so it's safe to say if you read this book, you're spoiled. Well, that and Silver Surfer. Both very well written books, again by Mr. Slott. He's Marvel's answer to Geoff Johns. He can take any property or story and add a new twist to make it new again.

Very much what was done here, in this issue. Tying directly into the Clone Conspiracy mini series (which I ain't reading by the way) which is how Marvel is selling the menu series, using the main book as a bridge, when it's traditionally the other way around. But as long as it's good and sells.... aw who am I kidding? I'm not buying that damn book.

Spidey is having a heart to heart with a newly resurrected Gwen Stacy, as you can figure out from the cover, which is fantastic, on all accounts. Alex Ross rarely lets one down, in that department. Gwen and just about every damn character that's been killed off in the pages of a Spider-Man book is back from the dead, thanks to the Jackal and his NEW U tech. Jackal wants to show Peter that his tech is really on the up and up and wants Parker Industries to assist him. The NEW U process isn't perfect so a partnership between the two could be beneficial.

Well, mainly to the Jackal. His process brings people back from the dead, but it requires a pill that will keep the subject alive after 24 hours. Gwen tries to assure Peter than she's the real deal. Hell, they even share a lighthearted moment about Spider-Gwen. Pick up the issue and check it out, seeing as how that joke was long overdue.

Gwen tells Peter that because he can't get over the fact that so many people he's known and lost, because he's so used to carrying around that pain, that he has no idea how to be happy. Gotta agree with maybe real, maybe fake (News) Gwen. That's been a key part to Spidey since the 1960's. Spidey just can't bring himself to believe that's the real Gwen so he decides that he should just leave. But the Jackal isn't letting that slide. The Jackal announces that unless everyone in Clone-Ville, doesn't kill the webslinger, none of them will get their pill to keep them alive. That's some heavy shit, right there. A fight breaks out with everyone attacking Spider-Man!

An amazing read (pun intended.) Even with not reading the mini series, the Clone Conspiracy, the the tale never seems out of place and like you can't get your bearings. A true testament to a wonderful creative team. My thumb, is up.

-Tash Moore

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