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The Verbal Mosh is a weekly comic book podcast, founded in 2009 by Tash Moore and Olivia Pelaez. We provide a humorous and informative platform in which we review the latest in comic book news, new comics, movies, and anything else on our minds. We feature guest interviews with previous and current comic book writers and artists. New episodes are published every Friday. You can subscribe to our show for FREE on iTunes or listen to us on our podcast page.

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Note: This show can contain mild language and adult themes based on the comics we cover.
Email all questions and concerns to: theverbalmosh (at) gmail.com

Tash Moore- Founder/ Editor/ Host

Comic books introduced Tash to the Scarlet Spider, and life is good because of it. He likes keeping it real. His favorite movies include The Dark Knight trilogy and usually anything by the Coen brothers.

Olivia Pelaez- Assistant Editor/ Creative Director/ Host

Olivia has a Bachelor's degree in Cartooning from the School of Visual Arts. Whenever she can, she likes to talk about Harry Potter. You can purchase some of her own artwork over at her Etsy shop.

Matt Milanes- Writer

Born in Rahway New Jersey, raised in Elizabeth. Huge Spidey fan, like... huge. (Blame Ultimate Spider-Man.) Potter fanatic and really into Metallica. Can't forget Star Wars, or the ink to prove it. Going to school to be a teacher and gives them neighborhood children they's edgamacation.

Sometimes Contributors:
Len Nard